“Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”
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Steve Munz

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Steve Munz is a “different” addition to Audioholics’ stable of contributors in that he is neither an engineer like Gene, nor has he worked in the industry like Cliff. In fact, Steve’s day job is network administration and accounting. So how did he get here? Passion. The story begins when Steve was in his early 20’s and was given the gift of speakers by his (ex) father-in-law, a modest but respectable system from Cambridge Soundworks. Over the course of a decade, Steve spent what he would qualify as “more than a healthy amount of time” reading technical articles in the pursuit of building a top notch A/V system. Then one fateful day, Gene solicited folks to submit tips of the day to help audio neophytes. Suffice it to say, Steve submitted “a few” tidbits which apparently made a good impression on the right people. The final result: he gets to write about a topic he thoroughly enjoys and he gets to brag to his wife at the end of the day that he’s a famous published author. Win-Win!

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