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XTZ's Wireless Cinema System Debuts & WiSA News

by September 25, 2014
WiSA / XTZs booth at the CEDIA 2014 Expo

WiSA / XTZ's booth at the CEDIA 2014 Expo

Regular readers of Audioholics are probably already familiar with XTZ’s Cinema Series speakers. In our full review of the M6 bookshelf and S5 surround speakers, we gave XTZ high marks for their unique (and attractive) appearance as well as their impressive dynamic range. At this year’s CEDIA Expo, XTZ unveiled their prototype wireless Cinema system featuring the M6 and S5 speakers, 1x12 powered subwoofer, Claridy Audio amplifiers, and Summit Wireless modules. 

The Summit modules are built on WiSA’s interoperability standard, and operate on the 5GHz band with up to 24 channels available. This has an important benefit, namely a lack of spectral congestion relative to the crowded 2.4GHz band. Effective range of the modules is stated to be 90-130 feet, through one or two walls without requiring an additional router / repeater. This extended range is key to realizing WiSA's goal of wireless whole house audio. Up to seven zones of audio are supported, with up to 32 speakers and multiple separate audio streams containing up to 7.4 channels of audio. In terms of quality, the Summit modules can deliver up to 96kHz/24bit high resolution digital audio, which should appease even the most finicky of audiophiles.

Unfortunately, time didn't allow us to sit down and demo XTZ's wireless theater. However, we did briefly chat with the folks at the WiSA booth and were able to get some news on the direction of the association. On the leadership front, WiSA officially welcomed Thomas Lee as their new President two months ago. Mr. Lee was formerly employed by Intel and Cirrus Logic, and brings over 30 years of management and marketing experience. WiSA also has six new members joining the ranks: Claridy Audio, Elytone Electronic Co., Enclave Wireless Audio, Fostex, Innovo Concepts Inc., and Monitor Audio. We're also told that WiSA certified products from Bang & Olufsen, Hansong, XTZ, Sharp, and Claridy Audio will be hitting the market in the near future.

As we're not particularly fond of wires ourselves, we're happy to see WiSA continue to gain momentum. The only question we have is when can we get a few wireless goodies in for testing?

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