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Denon AVR-X1100W, AVR-X2100W, AVR-X3100W AV Receiver Preview

The Denon AVR-X2100W

The Denon AVR-X2100W


  • Product Name: AVR-X1100W, AVR-X2100W, AVR-X3100W
  • Manufacturer: Denon
  • Review Date: May 28, 2014 00:00
  • MSRP: $499-$999
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!

Denon AVR-X1100W IN-Command 7.2ch Network AV Receiver - Key Features

  • 80W x 7ch high quality discrete power amplifier for powerful and detailed sound (20Hz-20kHz, 8 ohms, 0.08% THD+N, 2 channels driven)
  • Built in Wi-Fi with dual antenna, built in Bluetooth
  • Latest HDMI standard with 4K Ultra HD 60 Hz Pass-through and 4:4:4 color resolution
  • 6 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front), 1 HDMI output
  • Spotify Connect
  • AirPlay and DLNA music streaming
  • Gapless DSD, AIFF, ALAC and Flac playback
  • Advanced ECO mode with off/on/auto setting
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT with Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ


Denon AVR-X2100W IN-Command 7.2ch Network AV Receiver – Additional Features

  • 95W x 7ch high quality discrete power amplifier for powerful and detailed sound
  • 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front), 2 HDMI outputs
  • Advanced Video Processing with upscaling to 1080p and 4k Ultra HD
  • ISF certification


Denon AVR-X3100W IN-Command 7.2ch Network AV Receiver- Additional Features

  • 105W x 7ch high quality discrete power amplifier for powerful and detailed sound
  • Built-in Audyssey Gold suite of DSP technologies
  • Audyssey Pro
  • DTS:NeoX
  • Zone 2 HDMI matrix video output
  • Fiber optic, coax and HDMI audio input to Zone 2
  • 4K Ultra HD 60Hz upscaling
  • 7.2 channel preamp outputs
  • Crestron Connected™

Not long ago we talked about Denon’s new S-Series A/V receivers, which refreshed their entry level lineup. Today Denon is busy revamping their midrange offerings with three new models, the AVR-X1100W (MSRP: $499), AVR-X2100W (MSRP: $699), and AVR-X3100W (MSRP: $999). As you can imagine, these new models are packed to the gills with goodies, including HDMI 2.0 support, as well as integrated Bluetooth and WiFi antennas. Want to know what else Denon’s latest and greatest have to offer? Keep reading…


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The $500 price point is one of our favorites; when you look at the $250-350 level, it’s pretty clear a lot has to be cut out to deliver on the bargain basement price. Once you hit the magical $500 mark, the list of amenities reaches critical mass, netting what could pass for a fully featured AV receiver. The AVR-X1100W fits this description to a tee. For starters, you get 7.2 channels of audio backed by 80W of discrete amplification per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.08% THD, 2ch driven); two channels are assignable for use with a second zone. As with the S-series, an Eco-mode is available which, in addition to saving power, allows the receiver to safely be used with 4 ohm loudspeakers though we always recommend the high setting on AV receiver impedance selector switches if you want to attain maximum power delivery.

Of course as mentioned previously, wireless connectivity (WiFi & Bluetooth) is also on the menu, as is support for AirPlay and DLNA for music streaming; internet radio streaming is also available via Spotify. I/O options include 6 HDMI inputs (including one on the front panel) and one output, as well as a USB port on the front panel. To help separate the AVR-X1100W from the entry level S-Series, it also boasts Audyssey MultEQ XT with Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ for improved sound quality.

Denon AVR-X1100W FrontDenon AVR-X1100W Rear


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What does an additional $200 get you in this lineup? Simply put: more. The AVR-X2100W includes a marginal bump in power, now up to 95W/channel, as well as 8 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs. The middle child also aims to provide a useful bump in video quality. An advanced video processor is on board, with the ability to upscale video to 4K/30Hz resolution. In addition, the AVR-X2100W is the first Denon receiver to be ISF video certified, which allows trained dealers to calibrate video for both day and night time viewing. If you’re a videophile as well as an audiophile, the AVR-X2100W looks like a winner.

Denon AVR-X2100X FrontDenon AVR-X2100W Rear


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If it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot left for the AVR-X3100W to offer, you’d be mistaken. There’s of course another increase in power to 105W per channel, but more importantly the AVR-X3100W offers a full complement of preamplifier outputs for attaching an outboard amplifier. $999 also buys you improved multi-zone capability, with Zone 2 HDMI, Toslink, and digital coaxial outputs that can deliver content independent of the main zone. The next important bump is to Audyssey’s Gold suite of DSP technologies, as well as the option for Audyssey Pro, which allows installers to finely tune the performance of your system. Last but not least, the AVR-X3100W supports video upscaling to 4K/60Hz resolution, taking full benefit of the HDMI 2.0 specification.

Denon AVR-X3100 FrontAVR-X3100W Rear


We have to admit to being impressed by Denon’s latest and greatest. At $499, the AVR-X1100W is a fully featured receiver with WiFi, second zone capability, and enough HDMI inputs to deal with most systems. The inclusion of Audyssey MultEQ XT is also a nice touch, and helps to separate it from other offerings in this price range. In our books, the lack of video upscaling isn’t a big hindrance, particularly if your system mostly utilizes high definition sources in the first place (i.e. a Blu-ray player, HD cable, up-to-date gaming consoles, etc). For $200 extra, the AVR-X2100W does promise superior video quality, particularly thanks to the ISF video certification; however, the $999 AVR-X3100W really catches our eye thanks to the inclusion of 7.2 channel preamplifier outputs, Audyssey Pro, and an independent zone 2. These options really set the 3100 model apart, allowing it to function as the command & control center for all but the most complex of A/V systems.

Now there’s only one question left: which of these A/V receivers is right for you? Make sure to let us know which one your favorite is on our forums.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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