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Cliff Heyne

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Cliff, like many of us, has always loved home theater equipment. It started when he was very young, pouring over the Sunday ads looking for “high quality” surround sound systems from the likes of Sony or Samsung. In high school he landed a job at Best Buy that started his path towards actual high quality audio. His first surround sound was a Klipsch 5.1 system. After that he was hooked, moving from Klipsch to Polk to Definitive Technology, and so on. Eventually, Cliff ended up doing custom installation work for Best Buy and then for a "Ma & Pa" shop in Mankato, MN.

After finishing his bachelor's degree, he moved to Kansas for three years to pursue a Master’s in Organizational Communication. Currently, Cliff lives in North Dakota and runs an audio/video install business.

Cliff's Commitment to Audioholics

Cliff bring a unique perspective to Audioholics because of his background in audio video installation. Over the years of professionally installing audio video systems, Cliff has learned a number of tricks that he tries to pass along to our readers. Examples of this are his articles on  choosing the right TV wall mount and developing a home theater budget. He, like all of our staff, commits to providing unbiased and in-depth articles.

Reference Equipment List

Speakers Manufacturer Model
Front Left/Right MartinLogan Theos
Center MartinLogan Motif
Surround Definitive Technology BP1.2x
Subwoofer MartinLogan Dynamo 1500X


Projector Epson Home Cinema 5020UB
Screen Stewart Filmscreen Firehawk G4


AV Receiver Denon AVR-X4000
Blu-ray Player Oppo BDP-93
Remote System URC MX-880 and MRF-260
Game Console Sony PS3


Speaker Cable for Mains
Monster Cable M 2.2
All other Speaker Wire
Blue Jeans Cable Various
Blue Jeans Cable

Belden 5000

Network Cables
Blue Jeans Cable BJC C6P CAT 6
Acoustic Treatments DIY DIY
Sub Platform Auralex SubDude HD

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