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WiSA Demo (Aperion Audio & Klipsch) at CES 2013

by January 11, 2013
WiSA Demo at CES 2013

WiSA Demo at CES 2013

We covered WiSA back at CEDIA 2012, and wrote up an article about the details surrounding WiSA, but this year at CES 2013 we were able to get a hands-on demonstration.

They were showing off two complete surround sound systems, one by Aperion Audio and the other by Klipsch. We sat down and listening to the Klipsch system, which was actually a 7.1 setup utilizing Klipsch's existing Reference speakers with WiSA technology built-in. The source was a Sharp Blu-ray player (playing House of Flying Daggers) that connected to a Sharp LED using a proprietary Sharp wireless transmitter. Literally the only wires in the system were for power, everything else was wireless.


WiSA CES Demo 

 Left Side: Product sheet for Klipsch Reference 7.1 system on display

Right Side: My favorite piece of swag from the show,  a little stand for an iPhone that has a horn to amplify/direct sound.


We have listened to plenty or poor wireless systems in the past, but this one was spot on. The sound was immerse and dynamic, without even a hint of pops, crackles, or hisses common with other wireless products. The picture on the TV was also flawless (but we had to resist from taking it off Dynamic mode) and synced perfectly with the sound.

We know a lot of people scoff at the idea of wireless speakers in a high-end system, but we are convinced. We have always thought that WiSA looked great on paper, but now we can tell you it sounds great too.


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