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AV Tip: You're Smarter Than Your AV Receiver

by December 30, 2012
Tip of The Day: Youre Smarter Than Your Receiver

Tip of The Day: You're Smarter Than Your Receiver

Just because your new-fangled receiver has an automatic calibration mic doesn't mean it's guaranteed to setup your speakers properly. Sure, the automatic calibration can be beneficial, but it will almost always get a few things wrong. We frequently read posts that say something to the effect of "My receiver set my speakers to +10dB, my sub to -10dB, and set my mains to large." Results like this are a good indicator that the auto-setup mic on your receiver has some major flaws. Sometimes the answer is just to relocate the mic and retest or change the position of some of your speakers, but typically the best route is to scrap the auto-setup mic and do things manually. For extra tips on how to properly place your speakers or setup your receiver, checkout our complete "Tips & Tricks" section.

The bottom line:  Trust your knowledge and ears over what the receiver tells you. Use the auto-set-up calibration as a starting point and tweak levels and EQ until your desired response is achieved. 

Credit: forum member j_garcia


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