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Sanus Debutes New iPad Mounts, iPad Mini Mounts, and Furniture

by January 12, 2013
Sanus Debutes New iPad Mounts, iPad Mini Mounts, and Furniture

Sanus Debutes New iPad Mounts, iPad Mini Mounts, and Furniture

Sanus often shows of new TV wall mounts at trade shows, but this year they focused on new iPad mounts, iPad mini mounts, and furniture.

iPad and iPad Mini Mounts

Sanus showed off 4 different iPad mounts at CES, the VTM1, VTM5, VTM6, and VTM7. Each mount comes with a slim polycarbonate case (available in black or clear) that has a magnet secured on the back. The magnet is used to attach and detach the iPad from the mount, no messing with clips or other securing mechanisms. Simply set the iPad on the mount and the magnet secures it in place. The VMT1 ($99.99) is the most versatile option and can be used as a table-top stand, wall mount, or under cabinet mount. The VTM5 ($79.99) is designed for on-wall or magnetic surface mounting (ie. a fridge) and has a full-motion arm. The VTM6 ($49.99) is essentially a small puck mount that attaches to the wall and holds the iPad flush wall. The VTM7 ($29.99) is actually just a MagFit case that allows you to stick the iPad to any metal surface, it does not include any actual mounting hardware. Two mounting options are also available for the iPad mini, the VTM11 ($99.99), which offers the same flexibility as the VTM1 iPad mount, but is redesign to fit the iPad mini. And the VTM16 ($49.99), which offers the same flexibility as the VTM6 iPad mount

      Sanus VTM1 - resized                  Sanus VTM5        

Sanus VTM1                                                  Sanus VTM5


Alabaster ACV53                 Basic BFV353

Sanus Alabaster ACV53                                Sanus Basic BFV353 


Sanus also showcased their Alabaster furniture collection with the release of the ACV53 ($999.99), ACV73 ($1399.99), and announcement of the ACA42 ($TBA). The Alabaster collection is aimed at clients looking for elegant and well built solutions. They feature concealed casters, slow close doors, cable management, vented shelves, a removable back panel and optional cloth speaker grills. Sanus also debuted the BFV353 ($299.99) and BFV357 ($329.99) A/V stands in their Basic Series. These stands do not come pre-assembled like the Alabaster Collection, but are supposed to take less than 15 minutes to put together. The BFV353 is 53" wide and has three shelves with woodgrain finish, and a smooth steel frame. There is a central storage unit with a pull-out media basket, otherwise the back and sides are open. The BFV357 is 57" wide and has one woodgrain finished shelf and two smoked tempered glass shelves, the back and side are also open.

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