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Polk Audio Announces a Free Weekly Music Download

by August 30, 2012
Polk Audio Announces a Free Weekly Music Download

Polk Audio Announces a Free Weekly Music Download

Beginning September 1st, 2012, Polk Audio will offer a free MP3 download on their website every week. This move appears to be part of a major PR campaign for Polk. A new website, a new logo, and now the announcement of a free weekly MP3 download on their website, all help create a clear message that Polk is alive and well in the audio industry. The goal of this weekly download is to embrace the musical passion of Polk Audio’s customers.

In order to offer this music, Polk Audio partnered with Eagle Rock Entertainment, "the largest producer of music programming for DVD, Blu-ray, TV, and digital media."  This means that we could see music from The Who, Alicia Keys, Billy Idol, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, and Diana Krall (we know all of the Audiophiles in the audience just perked up with that last name). We do know that they are launching the program with a track from ZZ Top.

To download the track, you simply have to go to Polk Audio’s website and enter in your name and email, then click the "Weekly Download" link for the free download. A new download is released every Monday. We don't know if entering in your information will put you into a mailing list, but we wouldn’t be surprised. It is also unclear how long this program will last.

"Our customers live and breathe music, and this program will help them enjoy more of it…. ‘It’ will provide our friends and fans with a diverse collection of popular music while continually reaffirming our commitment to making anything that makes sound, sound better."

- Al Ballard, Polk Audio’s VP of Marketing

Another unknown is how high quality the music releases will be. If Polk Audio is targeting a high end audience, we would imagine they would offer FLAC downloads as well as MP3. The choice of music will be equally as telling, will it be audiophile fallbacks like Diana Krall, or more mainstreams tracks? Maybe we are reading too much into this, but their song and download format choices might say a lot about where the company is focusing its marketing and production efforts.

We, for one, are definitely in favor of free (and legal) music, and will be visiting the Polk Audio website for the weekly download.

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