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Jerry Del Colliano

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Jerry is the Creator and former Publisher of AVRev.com, HomeTheaterReview.com and AudiophileReview.com. Currently, he publishes FutureAudiophile.com (https://futureaudiophile.com) an enthusiast site trying to bring the audio hobby to a new, younger audience. Jerry started in audio in 1990 in AV sales at Bryn Mawr Stereo in Philadelphia. When in Music School at University of Southern California he was the top Wilson Audio salesman worldwide while working at Christopher Hansen Ltd. in Beverly Hills. He was recruited to be one of the four national salesmen for Cello in the mid-1990s until he started his career in AV publishing. 

Today, Jerry lives in Los Angeles and is rocking a fully integrated custom installation-based audiophile system, an object-based surround sound home theater and full Crestron home automation. He writes about industry trends, the AV business, new-school audiophile topics, home theater, video and more. 

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