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Staff and Contributor Biographies

by December 31, 2006

Want to know who the Audioholics are who write the reviews and technical articles across this website? Jump in and read up on some very interesting, educated and well-versed industry folk.  You will find most of us are degreed engineers.  As a result, we don't write marketing fluff.  We get to the essence of the products by taking them apart, measuring and analyzing so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

  • Gene DellaSala - Owner/Founder of Audioholics.com, Gene is an Electrical Engineer and passionate Audioholic.  Using objective analysis he separates the good from bad in AV gear.
  • Cliff Heyne - Editor - Cliff is our go to guy for reviews, buying guides, SEO help and peer reviewer of content that goes through him before getting published.
  • James Larson - Speaker Guy. There are audiophiles, there are audioholics, and then there are audio junkies whose habit is so bad it has taken over every aspect of their life to the extent that they are barely recognizable as human anymore. This is the plight of James. He heads up all of our latest efforts in generating test reports per our loudspeaker and subwoofer measurement protocols.
  • Tom Andry - Former Associate Editor - Tom heads up our gadget and headphone reviews, and is the voice of the AVRant Podcast. He's also the author of three books, which you can checkout here.
  • Marshall Guthrie - Video Extraordinaire, Marshall heads up our instructional and informational YouTube videos.
  • J. Walker Clarke - J was our occasional writer of short and concise down to earth reviews.
  • Ken Stein - Ken is a DIY enthusiast that builds his own gear.  He likes his speakers.
  • David Waratuke - David holds a Masters in Structural Engineering.  When he isn't designing Skyscrapers, he's writing reviews on loudspeakers or tech articles on their construction.
  • Wayde Robson - Web Guru, Contributing Writer, Wayde often gets industry news scoops for Audioholics and also helps increase our online visibility to help our readers better find us.
  • Mark Sanfilipo - Mark is a Professor at a local University in Canada. He specializes in all things speakers. Theory is his forte but building products to perform is a passion of his.
  • Joel Foust - Joel is a Quality Control Engineer and a passionate DIY speaker builder.  He heads up our standards efforts for accurately measuring loudspeakers.
  • Josh Ricci - Engineer by day, subwoofer extraordinaire at night. Josh heads up our standards efforts for accurately measuring subwoofers.  He is a bassaholic.
  • Steve Munz - Steve is a Network Administrator by day and a freelance writer by night. He heads up the bulk of our preview or comparison articles. He's an internet sensation on our forum and has quite a fan club.
  • Theo Nicolakis - Theo is a C-level technologist and digital communications professional by day and audiophile by night.  He's a tech geek and loves streaming audio and testing the latest A/V gear.
  • Steve Feinstein -  Steve has held high-level Marketing and Product Development positions for several well-known companies in the US speaker market. He often writes industry insider perspectives on loudspeaker design and the inner workings of companies. 
  • Jacob Green - Jacob is a music-lover and audiophile who enjoys convincing his friends to buy audio gear that they can't afford. He's a freelance writer and editor who loves cats, dogs, and baking cookies.
  • Paul Scarpelli - Contributing Writer. Paul is an industry veteran since the '70s, starting in retail, and then product development and director of sales and marketing at Harman followed by 15 years at Triad Speakers. He is an ex-professional drummer, bicycle racer, and pragmatic audiophile.
  • Stanton Zeff -  A life-long music lover and drummer/percussionist, but his day job as a Product Marketing Manager (holds BSEE and MS in Telecom) for all things telecom allows him to pay the rent. Stanton populates our media review library with many of his favorite jazz releases.
  • Hugo Rivera - Hugo is our Marketing Director and brings a unique perspective into this business as a former fitness competitor, published author, and marketer.
  • Jose Munoz - Jose helps us keep our english and spanish facebook pages thriving by posting interesting and relevant content.
  • Berta DellaSala - Berta is our Accounts Manager and Social Media Director.  She keeps the revenues flowing into the site to ensure we all have jobs.  She is also the patient and understanding wife of Gene.
  • Tony Leotta - High School Science Teacher by day, audioholic by night.  When Tony isn't out at sea fishing, he's cranking out article previews or formatting content on the site.
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Gene manages this organization, establishes relations with manufacturers and keeps Audioholics a well oiled machine. His goal is to educate about home theater and develop more standards in the industry to eliminate consumer confusion clouded by industry snake oil.

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