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Matthew Poes

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Matthew Poes is a social research scientist by day and audio enthusiast by night.  Matthew has spent the better part of the last two decades studying acoustics, good sound, and good sound reproduction.  Matthew operates Poes Acoustics, providing room design and acoustic optimization services as an outlet for his passion for acoustical physics.  Similarly, Matthew has joined Audioholics in order to provide down to earth explanations of complex scientific topics related to audio reproduction.  His passion is to find ways to translate complex acoustical concepts into easy to understand ideas through demonstration and examples in order to help everyone achieve their audio nirvana.  As a long time user and fan of Room EQ Wizard, Matthew has been providing online and in-person trainings and demonstrations of REW.  In addition, Matthew has built an arsenal of testing capabilities that allow him to provide accurate characterizations of rooms, speakers, subwoofers, headphones, and electronics.  Listening to music and watching movies is among Matthew’s greatest passions, one he has held since childhood.  As a technically minded researcher, he has enjoyed learning about the science behind sound reproduction, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and electronic design.  He has designed amplifiers and speakers with performance similar to some of the best in the industry.  While having designed listening rooms, home theaters, and small studios for others, Matthew recently completed his own dream of a highly isolated home theater, boasting a noise floor below NC15 and in situ sound isolation in excess of STC60, along with custom and highly optimized acoustics.  


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