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Hugo Rivera

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Hugo Rivera is an international bestselling fitness author who has sold over two million books worldwide. Mr. Rivera holds a computer engineering degree from the University of South Florida, multiple training certifications and is owner of www.hugorivera.net - an informational, free fitness and nutrition website.

He is the author of more than 10 fitness books, including bestsellers Body Re-Engineering, The Body Sculpting Bible for Men, The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, the Hardgainers Handbook of Bodybuilding and The Weight Training Diary. Today, through his website, numerous articles, seminars, book publications, TV and radio appearances all over the world, Hugo continues to educate the public on how to achieve the body of their dreams with weight-training exercise, good nutrition and correct supplementation.

Hugo has achieved worldwide recognition for his expertise, and has worked with every-day people, a multitude of medical experts, supplement companies and celebrities.  In addition, Hugo holds multiple bodybuilding championship titles, including a 4th place finalist position in the Mr. USA competition.

One of the keys to Rivera’s success has been his expertise in Internet and social media marketing; skills that he will now put to use for Audioholics.com. Expect various new products and services to be added soon to our website.  

We are proud to apply Hugo’s vast knowledge and expertise in internet marketing into the Audioholics business model,” says Gene DellaSala, President, Audioholics.com. “Having a passionate and dedicated expert handle online advertising and marketing efforts will allow us to better focus on our content delivery, including offering Audioholics premium content via a membership service, which is scheduled to launch by the end of Q1, 2014.”

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