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Audioholics Celebrates 25 Years Online - Giveaway & Livestream Event

by April 02, 2024
Audioholics 25 Year Anniversary

Audioholics 25 Year Anniversary

Pursuing the truth in audio....

Review StampedOn April 18th, 1999, I embarked on the creation of a new online AV Publication, anchored by the motto "pursuing the truth in audio...". My objective was clear: to provide readers with factual, informative insights into product design and performance, devoid of the usual marketing jargon. Armed with my Electrical Engineering background, I aimed to scrutinize and authenticate manufacturing marketing claims, particularly in the realm of luxury items such as high-priced audio cables.

What I uncovered was a landscape within the audio press that largely embraced marketing assertions without questioning, merely echoing them repetitively. This revelation propelled me into an uphill battle, as our website's penchant for debunking did not endear us to industry peers content with maintaining the status quo. However, as our readership expanded, so did interest from manufacturers committed to genuine innovation in audio development and technology. As a result, we formed friendships with many of today's best audio engineers and technologists that have also authored educational content for our website.

Gradually, we earned the moniker "voice of reason" and forged partnerships with some of today's most esteemed and reputable brands, including cable manufacturers too.

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Register free to WIN prizes from our Mega-Giveaway at the Audioholics 25 Year Celebration LiveStream! You could win one of several prizes from Audoholics approved brands LIVE on-stream. Put on your thinking cap and join the LiveStream chat, then at the time of his choosing Gene will test your knowledge about Audioholics or one of the brands sponsoring a list of giveaways during the show. This is no random draw, the first best answer from a registered user in the LiveStream chat as determined by Gene will win one of the awesome hi-fi performance prizes. It's several Audioholics Giveaways wrapped into one incredible LiveStream!

Registering for prizes will sign you up for Audioholics and our sponsor's newsletter. Prizes limited to residents of continental USA only. Verification email will go out to prize winners from an official @Audioholics email address within 7-days of the LiveStream. Audioholics Contests are always FREE to enter and shipped to your door.

1. Register in the form below.

2. Attend Audioholics 25 Years Celebration LiveStream on YouTube on Thursday, April 18th at 7pm EST.

3. Join the chat and be ready to answer skill testing questions from Gene.

Audioholics Celebrates 25 Years! LiveStream & Audio Giveaway

Don't miss this Mega-Giveaway LiveStream Celebration of Audioholics 25th Year!

RSL 10e subwooferLiveStream Prizes:

Celebrating 25 Years of Publishing

We are thrilled to commemorate 25 years of publishing excellence, made possible by the unwavering support of our readership and partners who have played a vital role in sustaining our vision. In reflecting on Audioholics' journey, we trace our evolution from a humble online hobby site to today's foremost online AV magazine, surpassing industry giants by upholding our steadfast commitment to quality content and unwavering integrity.

Audioholics Youtube Livestream Celebration of 25 Years of Publishing 4/18/24 @ 7pm EST

At Audioholics, we regard truth as a valuable commodity, prioritizing accuracy and transparency in all our endeavors. Our dedication to meticulous testing methodologies and precise measurements ensures thorough evaluations of product performance across every category, spanning from loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and AVRs to personal audio and display devices.

Over the last decade, Audioholics has really expanded its reach beyond just editorial publishing. Our Social Media Presence remains unchallenged in our space as we have the largest and most engaged audiences on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Great efforts have been placed for education on our Youtube where we often host livestream events with subject matter experts in the field of acoustics, room correction, loudspeaker design, HDMI and more.

Celebrating Audioholics Staff & Contributors

I want to express my personal gratitude to our review team for their essential role in helping my wife and me bring the dream of Audioholics to life and keep it going strong.

  • Bertha DellaSala - our Accounts manager, social media expert and wife of yours truly. Patience is her virtue.
  • Tony Leotta - the man behind the scenes of publishing Audioholics content, reviewing portable audio devices and keeping Gene inline at trade show events.
  • James Larson - our resident loudspeaker expert reviewer and pragmatist.
  • Theo Nicolakis - our technology guru and rising Youtube star.
  • Wayde Robson - the man with the pulse in audio industry always breaking news stories for us with a clever angle that gets you hooked.
  • Jacob Green - a robot in human form, nobody can produce concise editorial on new product or tech releases at his efficiency level.
  • Matthew Poes - a human computer, and our resident acoustics and psychoacoustics expert.
  • Steve Feinstein - a veteran in our industry that has been involved in design and management in many of the leading audio brands throughout the years. His insights and peer review of our content is invaluable. 
  • Don Dunn (aka Little Willie) - a custom integrator with a lifetime of experience and audio war stories that always adds flare to our livestreams.
  • Shane Lee - the slick Youtuber from Shane Lee Reviews that uses his ASMR voice to woo over fans. 
  • Xavier Burgos (aka. Captain Analog)
  • Jerry Del Colliano - publishing rival turned friend, Jerry contributes editorials with a flare in hopes to appeal to the next generation of budding audiophiles. Jerry is also the publisher of Futureaudiophile.com.
  • Past writers and contributors such as: Marshal Guthrie, Cliff Heyne,Kevin Garcia Steve Munz, Paul Scarpeli, Tom Andry, and others listed in our Author Pages.

Please check our our dedicated forum thread where many of our current staff share their stories on how they learned about Audioholics and became involved in content production for us.

What's Next for Audioholics?

AH Social MediaAudioholics.com is undergoing a comprehensive redesign aimed at enhancing the user experience. Our objective is to revamp the website's structure, making content more accessible while fostering engagement through our forum community and social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Acknowledging the shift towards video content consumption over traditional reading, our goal is to further enhance our compelling editorial coverage by integrating supplementary YouTube videos. Our aim is to offer multiple convenient avenues for accessing informative and entertaining content on the latest home theater and hi-fi gear, educational and set up and how-to guides and much more.

Furthermore, we're working to expand our collaborations with brands and channel partners to offer a more extensive variety of content and avenues for purchasing, along with unparalleled customer support and services.

Thank you for your continued support and faith in our AV magazine. Please share with us your story in the related forum thread below on how you discovered Audioholics and how our content may have helped guide your purchasing decisions or to improve the set up and calibration of your home theater or hi-fi systems. See you live on our Youtube channel this April 18th, 2024 at 7pm EST to celebrate!


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