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Audioholics Ranked #1 in Social Media Presence!

by February 13, 2015
Audioholics Social Media Dominance

Audioholics Social Media Dominance

For almost two decades, Audioholics.com has led the industry with the largest audited readership of any AV magazine online or in print with over 1 million monthly readers between our editorial website and forums. 

We are very proud of this accomplishment and have our fans to thank for our success which has kept us on the bleeding edge of providing the most detailed and no-nonsense product coverage in our industry.  We also put forth enormous resources to ensure our site was up to date with all of the latest recommended SEO practices recommended by Matt Cutts of Google.  Thank you Matt for ALL of your invaluable guidance.


However, we are not ones to rest our our laurels.  We have seen the big social media push over the last 5 years as people are trending away from internet forums and embracing a lighter, more carefree engagement on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Thus, we've taken these new media platforms very seriously by applying our very same principles that made Audioholics.com a success to them as well. 

The Audioholics Facebook page not only has the most likes but is also the most engaged compared to any other AV publication.

Our first step was to get a woman's perspective involved in Facebook.  Thus Berta DellaSala (my better half) and her sister Karen Molinares have been leading the way on our Facebook page scouring the net for interesting audiophile images and engaging stories for our fans to participate in.  Of course yours truly and my review staff often throw in some product teasers of gear they have under test. 

We also have to do a special shout out to our active Facebook subscribers that have been submitting news tips and pictures of their awesome HiFi systems for us to share on our page.  This dream team has been instrumental in building not only the LARGEST audience in the industry compared to any AV publication but also the most engaged.  Unlike some of our competition, we don't buy our likes.  Instead our Facebook page has been organically cultivated and it shows by our second to none reach and engagement stats as seen in the Facebook Insights Comparison screen shot below.  We have over 140k organically grown likes on our Facebook page!

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights Comparison (as of 1/22/20)

Looking for vintage audio, high end two-channel, vinyl or funny audiophile stuff?  Our Facebook page has everything you need to get your audio fix with plenty of audio porn to satiate even the most ardent Audiophile.

Visit our Facebook Page at: Facebook/Audioholics


The Audioholics YouTube Channel has more traffic than most of our competitors AV websites and sees almost 1 million minutes viewed per month!

The same holds true for our YouTube Channel too.  Since  2010, we've been posting product reviews and how-to videos with a light hearted,  but down to earth focus.  As of last year, Hugo and I have been hosting interview style reviews and industry news style videos in a talk show format that has seen our Youtube channel grow nearly 600%.  With over 185k subscribers and more than 5 million minutes watched per month, the Audioholics Youtube Channel is a force to be reckoned with.  In fact, our YouTube Channel sees > 600k visits/mo which is far more traffic than any of our competitions dedicated online AV Magazine websites or Youtube channels combined!  But don't just take our word for it. Have a look at our videos and notice the comments and likes from our fellow subscribers. 

Again, a special shout out to our active YouTube subscribers for their awesome feedback.  We are now incorporating monthly feedback videos to recap some of the most memorable comments found in our videos.  Submit your comments today for your chance to be internet famous :)

Youtube Traffic Audioholics

Audioholics YouTube Stats (as of 1/23/20)

Looking for no-nonsense reviews, how-to's and myth busting videos?  The content on our YouTube channel will keep you busy for hours.  Just watch out for our Star Trek references as all of us are pretty diehard Trekkies.  You may even see a Tribble from time to time.

Visit our YouTube Channel at:  Youtube.com/Audioholics


Instagram AudioholicsAs more businesses and consumers gravitate to Instagram, Audioholics is already engaged in a very big way. Our audio visuals are stunning and generate quite a discussion on the platform. Instagram allows us to engage our 30K followers using visual marketing of audio products audiophiles love to see displayed on our page. This helps us bring awareness of less-known brands to our users and further knowledge on already known quantities.

Visit our Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/audioholics.llc/


Pinterest 10/12/20Pinterest

Want the beautiful visuals of home theater and 2CH hi-fi? Check out our Pinterest page which has shown tremendous growth since we started it a couple of years ago. Our Pinterest page has stunning visuals of modern and vintage speakers, amplifiers and other audio gear and is viewed by over 290k enthusiasts/mo with > 3k followers!

Visit our Pinterest page at: https://www.pinterest.com/AudioholicsLive/

Audioholics Discussion Forums

The Audioholics forum is a friendly, well moderated avenue to host serious AV discourse and solicit advice.

Of course for those that still prefer the traditional discussion forum platform, fear not as we are still dedicated to supporting a great experience on ours too.  With the recent redesign of both our editorial site and forum to a responsive template, you can be sure both sites look great for ANY screen resolution via desktop, laptop or mobile.  With our recent move from VBulletin to Xenforo, we are in tuned with tomorrows needs for internet discussion forums.  We also have a dedicated crew of volunteer moderators that keep the bad apples in line so you can enjoy an engaging, and educational experience without being hassled by any forum trolls.  We are proud of the forum community that has grown over the last 10+ years with over 70k active subscribers (lists pruned regularly) and over 250k readers/mo.

A special shout out to our moderators and Audioholics regulars that help to give our forum a sense of community and comradeship.

Audioholics Forum Screenshot

Audioholics Newly Redesigned Forum

What some advice on what equipment to buy or how to set it up?  Ask our staff and seasoned members.  With almost 60k active subscribers, you are bound to find the answers to your questions.

Visit the Audioholics Forum at: Audioholics Forum

That's A Wrap

Worf Star TrekWhen you consider the fact that Home Theater is such a niche market and  that we are able to sustain an audience of over 2 million enthusiasts a month across all 5 of our platforms (Editorial Site, Forum, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) one can't help but realize that's quite an accomplishment!  We are excited about the growth we've seen with the Audioholics family of websites last year and look forward to a great 2015 and beyond! 

We know that Social Media has played a pivotal role in the growth of even our editorial site as Facebook and YouTube have allowed us to reach an audience in India, South America, and Europe we previously were not reaching. 

We thank our readers for their support and suggestions on new topics for us to cover.  Please keep your suggestions coming and continue giving us great feedback on our Facebook and YouTube channels. 

Thanks to ALL Audioholics and QaPla'!



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