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Recently Reviewed Home Theaters in-a-Box

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Sony Bravia Theater Quad: Impressed Us with Legit Home Theater Performance

— June 12, 2024 00:00

Sony Bravia Theater Quad: Impressed Us with Legit Home Theater Performance

The Sony Bravia Theater Quad ($2,500) includes four wireless speakers optimized by Sony’s 360 Spatial Mapping for theatrical sound, all connected wirelessly to a compact control box near your TV.

Surround Sound Reviews Preview

LG LFD790 2‑Channel Home Theater System

— December 23, 2007 18:46

LG LFD790 2-Channel Home Theater System

Here at Audioholics, we like big home theaters with lots of speakers surrounding us. However, we do acknowledge that there is an occasional need for a 2 channel home theater system. As such, LG has

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Samsung HT‑AS720ST Home Theater in a Box

— December 21, 2007 00:08

Samsung HT-AS720ST Home Theater in a Box

It's not every day that a system like the Samsung HT-AS720ST catches our eye... and ear! Although it isn't a cheap $99 package, or an over priced $2000 cube speaker system, this $600 home theater

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Insignia NS‑H2002 Home Theater in a Box Overview

— December 19, 2007 22:05

Insignia NS-H2002 Home Theater in a Box Overview

The Insigina NS-H2002 is an entry level HTIB that can be found exclusively at your local Best Buy. At a retail price of $109 and a typical sale price of under $100, the H2002 certainly won't be a

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Panasonic SC‑PT650 Home Theater System

— December 19, 2007 21:20

Panasonic SC-PT650 Home Theater System

Panasonic has released a series of home theater systems that are featured at the typical big box store. The SC-PT650 is at the entry level of the PT series and features a low entry price for those

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Philips HDS3555/37 Home Theater in a Box

— November 20, 2007 13:49

Philips HDS3555/37 Home Theater in a Box

Are you looking for a very low cost home theater solution this Christmas? Well, a low cost Home Theater in a Box, anyway? Then you might want to check out the Philips HTS 3555/57. This unit is

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Yamaha YHT‑685 Home Theater System Review

— August 04, 2007 20:00

Yamaha YHT-685 Home Theater System Review

There was a time when we A/V geeks held a very special place among our group of friends. We enjoyed a kind of guru status that few achieve in the man-world. Not only did we have the best home

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Denon DHT‑487DV Home Theater In a Box Review

— April 30, 2007 20:04

Denon DHT-487DV Home Theater In a Box Review

With the DHT-487DV, Denon takes a different approach to the home theater in-a-box segment. While most manufacturers cram amps, processor, DVD/CD players and tuners into one chassis and then add

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Samsung HT‑TQ85 Home Theater In A Box Review

— April 11, 2007 20:00

Samsung HT-TQ85 Home Theater In A Box Review

It is amazing how far a dollar will go these days, especially when it comes to home theater. It seems only a few years ago that in order to have a respectable sounding, complete home theater system

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Denon S‑101 Home Entertainment System Review

— November 20, 2005 19:00

Denon S-101 Home Entertainment System Review

While my condo is pretty accommodating for the three of us, it has little space to accommodate a 5.1 surround system, well, perhaps a dinky cubed system, but I’d prefer my clock radio as an

Surround Sound Reviews Review

Brookstone Wafer Thin CD System with MP3 Review

— February 17, 2005 19:00

Brookstone Wafer Thin CD System with MP3 Review

We spend a lot of time reviewing mid-fi and flagship component products. Every once in a while, however, a product is brought to our attention for review which we feel will provide a good balance and