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Axiom Audio Speakers & Amplifier Reviews

by November 27, 2014
Axiom M100 v4 Speaker

Axiom M100 v4 Speaker

Here is a page listing all of our most recent Axiom Audio loudspeaker and amplifier reviews and alternatives at or below the same price ranges.  We have reviewed Axiom subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers over the course of many years but noticed a trend of their prices going up substantially with very little change to their actual products.  They have upgraded some of their stamped basket woofers to cast but at a huge cost increase from the original models. Are they still a good value?  That is up to you to decide.

Axiom M80 and M100 v4 Floorstanding Speaker Previews

This article highlights the changes of Axiom speakers over the years from ti to V4.  M80v4's cost almost double of the original M80s despite the cabinet is still vinyl wrapped and no longer comes standard with dual binding posts for biamp/biwiring.  To upgrade the dual 6.5" bass drivers to their HP versions will cost you a staggering $490/pair!  If you want a wood veneer, bi-amp capability and the high performance woofers, prepare to spend almost $3k/pair.  The newest M100 V4 tower features an extra 6" driver over the M80s but costs a whopping $410/pair more than M80 V4's with their HP woofers.  There are many alternatives at less money than the Axiom speakers such as the SVS Prime Series and RBH Impression Line that we feel are a better buy.  At the upper end of the Axiom price range, we'd recommend Definitive Technology and Goldenear speakers as choice alternatives.

Axiom M3 Outdoor Speaker Review
This review shows the build quality of their outdoor speaker which is based on their M3 model.  The speaker is vented and has no crossover on the woofer section at all.  WE found these speakers were a bit boomy in the midbass and would suffer from audible breakup at moderately high listening levels.  The NHT 02-ARC are in our opinion are better sounding and better built speaker for around the same price.

A1400-8 Class D Amplifier Review
This is a review of the Axiom A1400-8 Class D amplifier which has been discontinued due to reliability problems.  We recommend looking at Emotiva XPA series of amplifiers which offer very high power, high efficiency and high reliability.  Outlaw Audio also has some great options such as their Model 5000 5CH amplifier. Additionally, check out the Monoprice Monolith Amplifiers for great performance and value too.

Axiom EP 500 and EP 600 V4 Subwoofers Preview

V4 versions of the EP 500 and 600 subs are now sealed in a smaller enclosure with the same driver size and rated amplifier power but with less rated overall output from the V1 versions.  Today there are so many incredible value subwoofers from ID brands such as the HSU VTF-15Hmkii which meets our Extreme Bassaholic room size rating and only costs $899 + shipping or an SVS PB-2000 subwoofer that meets our Large Bassaholic room size  rating for only $799 shipped.  Unfortunately the Axiom EP 600 V1 was unable to exceed our medium size bassaholic rating putting it at an output disadvantage to other previously mentioned ID subwoofer brands which happen to also be less costly than the Axiom subwoofers.

Also check out our Internet Direct Speaker Comparison article to see how Axiom as a brand fairs against the other major ID companies.


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