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AV Rant #126: Interview with Auralex

by April 27, 2009
Why oh why didnt he turn his phone off?

Why oh why didn't he turn his phone off?

In this special Monday edition of AV Rant, Tom interviews Gavin Haverstick of Auralex Acoustics about getting the most out of your room. You had questions and Gavin is one of the best in the business. Topics covered included:

  • Differences between soundproofing and treating.
  • Can you soundproof an existing space?
  • Why use diffusion and where you should place it.
  • What's the target response for a room?
  • Are room treatments forever?
  • Gavin's suggestions for no/low cost room treatments.
  • Are room treatments subjective?
  • Active versus passive absorbers and how they work.
  • What is decoupling and why would you want it?
  • Soundproofing - what can you do to an existing room?
  • STC - what it is and how to read it.
  • What Gavin does when he works on a room.
  • What is Auralex doing to make room treatment easier?

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Plus, if you aren't in the know, there have been special AV Rant only weekly deals at the Audioholics' store (listen in each week to find out), weekly home theater tune-up tips, and video. We're still working on the video quality but it's there in the show notes. Run over to AV Rant and check it out.

Listen to the Auralex Interview

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