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Netflix Partners with Samsung

by December 01, 2008
Netflix - Coming soon to a blender near you...

Netflix - Coming soon to a blender near you...

First it was startup Roku, next LG and Microsoft, and now Samsung. The electronics giant is the latest in those interested in giving consumers access to Netflix's library of over 12,000 movies. Just announced, their ~$400 BD-P2550 and BD-P2500 Blu-ray players will be equipped with Netflix streaming ability. What's next? Netflix on your iPhone? Netflix beamed directly into your brain?

There is no denying that Netflix has done an amazing job of giving consumers access to their service. No one could have predicted that the seemingly add-on video streaming service launched in early 2007 would turn into the talk of the town just a year and a half later. Already we are hearing reports that Xbox sales are driving Netflix subscriptions and Netflix subscribers choosing the Xbox over competing consoles because of streaming.

The real question is content. Netflix has seemingly done enough to convince the manufacturers that their service is important to consumers. But how long will that last with the current lineup of movies? Sure, consumers are excited now but will they be after they've run through the few movies they've really wanted to see? Will Netflix be able to keep a high enough influx of new content to keep consumers engaged? And what about startup Roku? With Netflix streaming seemingly coming to every new electronic device released, will their standalone box still have a place? So far they've made claims that they'll be able to stream HD at a lower bitrate (ie faster and in real-time) than other devices (specifically the Xbox 360) but will that be enough? Regardless, no matter how you slice it, the future is looking very good for Netflix.

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