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2022 Audioholics Christmas Gift Guide

by November 24, 2022
Audioholics 2022 Gift Guide

Audioholics 2022 Gift Guide

The supply chain issues and inflation are really taking its toll on the average audiophile. We wanted this year to bring you the very best values in audio we could find to help stretch your hard earned cash without being pinched by high prices. With that said, here are some great holiday gift ideas to help bring you and your audiophile loved ones Christmas cheer. The goal is get you your audio fix for under $800 per item and usually a lot less.

Our Youtube video below gives more insights as to our carefully chosen products for this Gift Guide so we do encourage you to check it out.

2022 Audioholics Christmas Gift Guide - All Audio Products UNDER $800 Youtube Discussion

Monolith AuditionMonoprice Monolith T5 Audition Series Tower Speakers

MSRP: $500/pair | Buy Now

Use promo code: "BF15" for 15% off (while supplies last)

In the last few years, internet superstore Monoprice has been taking the audio world by storm with their Monolith lineup of speakers.  Now Monoprice has added a budget friendly Audition series to their resume. The Audition line features two sizes of tower speakers, the T4 ($200 each) and T5 ($250 each) as well as two bookshelf speakers, the B4 ($100 each) and B5 ($125 each). Rounding out the new Audition speakers is a pair of center channels, the C4 ($130) and C5 ($160). With borrowed technologies from their already budget friendly Encore series, the Audition series are a must have for anyone looking for a pair of quality tower speakers for $500/pair or to build an entire 5.1 speaker system for under $1k.

Fluance Ai41 Bluetooth Powered Speakers

MSRP: $250/pair | Buy Now

Back in 2019, we reviewed the $250/pair Fluance Ai40 powered bluetooth speakers and came away mighty impressed.  Fluance is back with enhancements making this already great affordable powered bluetooth speaker even better with increased power from 70 watts to 90 watts per speaker, improved driver performance, much needed optical input and subwoofer output connections, ported cabinet for deeper bass and upgraded bluetooth to 5.0 for better audio quality. This is a perfect little speaker for a college dorm or desktop.

Fluance Ai41 Bluetooth speaker  Kanto

Kanto YU6 Powered Desktop Speakers  & Sub8 Subwoofer

MSRP: $800 | Buy YU6 | Buy Sub8V

Change your life for only $800. That's what I will be writing in my forthcoming review of the $499/pair Kanto YU6 powered speakers and their $299 8" subwoofer. Kanto makes beautifully crafted, affordable powered desktop speakers with a variety of different finish options and some of the slickest speaker stands we've ever seen.  The YU6 feature 5 1/4" kevlar midbass drivers with 1" silk dome tweeters in a waveguide powered by 100 watts (continuous rated) Class D amplification. The YU6 sport bluetooth, toslink and analog inputs including a built in phono preamp so you can spin your records. The little sub8 features an 8" paper cone driver in a sealed enclosure with a 150 watt amplifier (continuous rated, 300 watt peak). This system integrates extremely well together for impressive audiophile sound that will make your computer time a much more enjoyable experience.

RSL SpeakersRSL Speakers C34 MK II & W25E In-Wall LCR / Height Speakers

MSRP: $199/ea | Buy W25E | Buy C34 MK II

RSL is a family run company of passionate audiophiles with a singular goal in mind - great sound. RSL proves that great sound doesn't have to come at ridiculously high prices thanks to their talented engineering staff and focus on bringing their customers class leading performance. The RSL C34E in-ceiling loudspeaker at only $149/ea has NO peer in its price category and is our go to choice for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive audio installations as well outfitting your residence for whole-home audio. The new W25E in-wall LCR speakers is made of the same DNA with the 15 deg angled baffle and lateral phase alignment design but with even more output capabilities and higher sensitivity thanks to its larger dual 5 1/4" woofers, and premium crossover parts.  You can assemble a complete 5.1 system using 3 of the W25E in-wall LCRs, 2 of the C34E in-ceiling speakers and their class leading Speedwoofer 10S MK II subwoofer for only $1,349 shipped!

SVS PB-1000 Pro Powered Subwoofer

SVS PB-1000 Pro SubwooferMSRP: $799 (sale $699 until 11/27) | Buy Now

SVS has totally redesigned their entry-level subwoofers in the PB-1000 Pro and SB-1000 Pro, but these subs go well beyond entry-level performance. In addition to major performance upgrades, SVS has loaded their most accessible subwoofer line with the same technology that is seen on their flagship subwoofers. The SVS 1000 Pro subs bring a combination of features and performance unseen at their price point until now. If you want some serious bass with great features like SVS App control with PEQ, it's never been a better time to save with SVS. Every SVS product is backed by a 5-year Unconditional Warranty, 45-Day In-home Trial, Fast & Free Shipping & Returns, lifetime Sound Experts support and all the guarantees of the SVS Customer Bill of Rights. Customers can shop with confidence knowing they’re getting reference quality subwoofers with world-class support to match.

Soundavo PMX-6600 Power Management

MSRP: $499 (sale $379) | Buy Now

The PMX-6000 Professional Audio Power Management is a power conditioner and sequencer with excellent feature including the status and alert capabilities: a voltage meter and amperage meter for real-time analysis, LED status for grounding/polarity/noise filtering/abnormal voltage/surge protection, and an audio alarm for unsafe voltage. The PMX-6600 has 14 outlets (12 switched) individually optimized for digital, analog and high-power devices (4 each), 3-state power up/down system, time delayed outlets, RFI filtering, 12V trigger input/output with bypass, front panel digital LED meter display of incoming voltage and amperage. That's a lot of features for the price and a worthy addition to your AV rack.


Soundavo Denon AVR-X1700h

Soundavo PMX-6600 (left pic) ; Denon AVR-X1700H (right pic)

Denon AVR-X1700H 7.2CH Atmos 8K AV Receiver

MSRP: $700 | Buy Now

The Denon AVR-X1700H is a great starting point for budding enthusiasts looking for a fully-featured AVR with three 8K HDMI inputs for advanced gaming and lifelike entertainment experiences at an accessible price. The AVR-X1700H delivers seven channels of amplification at 80W per channel (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD: 0.08%, 2ch driven). Complete with multiple 8K HDMI inputs, virtualized surround sound and several other technologies usually found in premium home theater systems, this AVR has it all.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7s2Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

MSRP: $399 | Buy Now

Px7 S2 was Bowers & Wilkins newest wireless closed-back headphone with adaptive noise cancelling, released and reviewed shortly before the Px8 (Px8 review forthcoming), it's a total-design overhaul of the original Px7. The UK speaker company has updated its predecessor inside and out with a veritable grocery list of improvements that promise an even better luxury look-and-feel, improved features and most importantly, better sound quality. The result is a lighter headphone, thicker ear-pads and the promise of an even better rendition of Bowers & Wilkins premium sound-quality. Just look at how relaxed our own Wayde Robson is listening to his Px7 S2s. Serenity now. Serenity now.

AppleTV 4KAppleTV 4K (128GB, 3rd Generation)

MSRP: $144 | Buy Now

Streaming has become the defacto standard for most home theater enthusiasts that desire convenience and accessibility of content above all else. Quality has improved greatly over the years as we are now able to enjoy 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos sound (when available) across multiple platforms. The real reason we are recommending an AppleTV is to enjoy Spatial Audio music. Join the revolution and immerse yourself with your favorite music artists in Dolby Atmos surround.

Cuible Red Light Therapy Belt

MSRP: $159 (sale $111) | Buy Now

Chronic back pain is something I've struggled with most of my adult life thanks to years of heavy weightlifting and moving audio gear around. Back flair ups for me are often debilitating for me which are only calmed down with therapeutics like massage, muscle relaxers, and rest followed by core strengthening. Lately red light therapy has been all the rage at sports gyms and clinics and studies have shown statistical evidence of it's efficacy. The Cuible Red Light Therapy belt is designed to alleviate body pain and help speed up joint recovery from minor sport injuries,neck and shoulder stiffness, sore back, and muscle pain with 660nm & 880nm Near Infrared Light Therapy Pads with Timer. I will definitely be getting one of these wearable wraps to add to my bag of tricks in back pain flair ups and you may want to consider one for you or your loved one too.

Red Light therapy  Star Therapy


Cuible Red Light Therapy Belt (left pic) ; Star Projector Galaxy Night Light (right pic)

Star Projector Galaxy Night Light Projector

MSRP: $36 (sale $31) | Buy Now

The 3 in 1 star projector can really enhance the mood of your theater room or man cave by turning your ceiling into a stellar spectacle. It features 4 monochromes, 6 bicolor, blink/fade in/fade out/static, and brightness can be adjusted from 30% to 60% to 100% nebula, ocean wave and stars in a perfect blend projected onto your ceiling. It features a voice control flashing mode, which responds to music, or sounds in your room by illuminating your ceiling.

Merry Christmas from Audioholics

Christmas Vacation HouseThis time of a year is a blessing when you can enjoy it with your loved ones especially when sharing your passion for home theater. We are appreciative of having you as our audience guiding you towards informed purchasing decisions to bring you countless hours of quality entertainment from high-value products for many years to come. 2022 has given us all many challenges to our wallets and why it was especially important for us to recommend affordable products for each category for your consideration.

In closing, we sincerely hope everyone has a great holiday season enjoying the spirit of Christmas surrounded (pun intended) by family and friends. In the end, how we spend precious time with those we cherish is what it's all about.

Feel free to tell us which items on this list have your interest or if you are contemplating others in the related forum thread below.


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gene posts on November 24, 2022 03:36
The supply chain issues and inflation are really taking its toll on the average audiophile. We wanted this year to bring you the very best values in audio we could find to help stretch your hard earned cash without being pinched by high prices. Here are some great holiday gift ideas including passive and powered speakers, AV electronics and some special fun items to help bring you and your audiophile loved ones Christmas cheer. The goal is get you your audio fix for under $800 per item and usually a lot less.

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