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IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System Review

by October 20, 2008
IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System

IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System

  • Product Name: Powerline Stereo Audio System
  • Manufacturer: IOGEAR
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStar
  • Review Date: October 20, 2008 05:35
  • MSRP: $ 444.95 (additional adapters 219.95)
  • Buy Now
  • Brings music to multiple rooms without expensive audio cable installation
  • Enjoy whole-house music in any room in your home of office
  • Stream music to up to 4 Powerline Stereo Audio Adapters from 1 Powerline Stereo Audio Station
  • 3 ways of connecting your audio source to your Powerline Stereo Audio Station: an iPod® or audio source with RCA or 3.5mm audio connection
  • Remote access your iPod® for volume control, track selection and to play and pause
  • Uses HomePlug® powerline technology for a robust problem-free digital connection


  • Convenient
  • Pretty
  • Well constructed
  • Works perfectly when SRS is disabled


  • Sub-par fidelity with SRS
  • Expensive


IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System Introduction

IO_inbox.JPGI'm always on the lookout for new ways to connect up speakers (especially those pesky rear speakers) so when IOGEAR connected me to review their Powerline Stereo Audio System I jumped at the chance. A little known fact (at least to the common consumer) is that "wireless" speakers still need power. The Powerline Stereo Audio System uses those same power wires to transmit audio signals. This could give you an easy way to transmit your audio information without all the drawbacks that a wireless connections offers (like interference and dropouts). The only question is how well it works.

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