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Yamaha YHT-380 HTiB

Standalone products all in a single box

Standalone products all in a single box


  • Product Name: YHT-380
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha Electronics
  • Review Date: December 31, 2007 18:05
  • MSRP: $379.95
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
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Channels 5.1
Total System Power 600W
Finish Black

AV Receiver
RMS Output Power (1kHz) 100W x 5
DTS 96/24 / DTS Neo:6 / DTS ES Discrete 6.1 ( DTS )
Dolby Digital EX /Dolby Prologic IIx ( Dolby Prologic II )
XM Satellite Radio Ready Yes
Neural Surround Yes
XM HD Surround Yes
iPod Compatibility
Compressed Music Enhancer Yes
A/V Inputs / Outputs 4 / 2
Front A/V With Digital Input ( Front A/V w Mini)
Surround Programs 8

Speaker Package
Cabinet Type Plastic
New PU Gloss Painted Cabinet
Front Speakers (Woofer, Tweeter Size) 4" + 1/2"
Center Speaker (Woofer, Tweeter Size) Dual 3" + 1/2"
Surround Speakers (Woofer, Tweeter Size) 3" Full Range
Removable Grill Cloth Yes

Power Output 100W
Driver Size 8"
Complete Package Dimensions (WxHxD) 24-1/2" x 21-5/8" x 23-7/16"
Total Weight (lbs.) 73

Executive Overview

Yamaha has done something pretty cool with its entry-level YHT-380 system. They included several standalone products all in one  big, heavy box.  That's right, a full Yamaha receiver, 5-speaker package, and subwoofer are part of this home theater system.  It might even make you say "Yama-HEY!"  Well, that is, if you listen to Tom or Dina over at AVRant.

So, what's the big deal with separate components?  Well, the Yamaha HTR-6030 receiver is a full featured entry level unit that is ready for future upgrades. Of course, if you are a first time home theater user, then this means you can start small and work your way up.  Unfortunately, the HTR-6030 doesn't have any HDMI inputs, but it does have component video switching and a couple of digital optical inputs. Though the included speakers are certainly adequate for smaller rooms and when used at moderate volume levels, they are probably the weakest point in this system. The 8" subwoofer is actually quite good for a home theater-in-a-box system.  It doesn't go to the very lowest frequencies, but will output a good rumble for those explosions and other movie sound effects. Experiment with positioning it around the room for the best possible sound.

Please note that a DVD player isn't included with this package, as this HTiB system focuses more on audio instead of being a do-it-all solution.  This is actually nicer than you might think, as it provides you the opportunity to get a quality upscaling DVD player, or even jump to an HD-DVD player.  The YHT-380 system is pretty easy to hook up otherwise and has standard connectors that won't leaving you cutting wires if you substitute upgraded components down the road.  The remote control is also one of the cleanest layouts we have seen from Yamaha.  Other features include an AM/FM/XM radio tuner and some new sound modes that can be customized by the user. The new SCENE system makes it a little easier to understand the DSP modes, as well and stores your settings in an easy-to-recall manner.

If you can only spend a few hundred dollars, but want a system that allows for future upgrades, then make sure to check out the Yamaha YHT-380.  It will certainly do the trick for now, and has a few nice features and higher quality hardware to power the speakers. Yeah, we like higher quality hardware, that's what makes us Audioholics!

For more information please visit www.yamaha.com/yec
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Clint DeBoer posts on March 04, 2008 19:39
Check the DVD player settings first - to be sure it is set to output dts and Dolby Digital as “bitstream”. Let us know.
bswrightbhm posts on March 04, 2008 18:49
Help With Input Feature

I just purchased this system over the weekend. I absolutely love it.

I have a question concerning the ‘input’. It's only detecting a 2.0 input. Is it because of the dvd player I'm using? How do I get it to show 5.1 input? It's getting a 5.1 sound but the front display speaker set up only shows 2.

I know enough to be dangerous… any help would be appreciated in understanding this a little better.
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