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RBH SX-10/R and S-10 Subwoofers Conclusion


The RBH SX-10/R and S-10 are both excellent sounding subwoofers, especially with music.  There are substantial differences between the two subwoofers which clearly contribute to the large price differences.  The SX-10/R shines with a much nicer finish, much more substantial low frequency driver, a more powerful amplifier, balanced input and output, and a more rigid cabinet.  These design differences allow the SX-10/R to achieve deeper low frequency extension.  Additionally, the SX-10/R is able to produce a little bit more output across the board with slightly lower distortion.  The differences in output and distortion are by no means extreme.

RBH SX-10/R subwoofer tipped

RBH Sound SX-10/R Tipped Up to Show Port

The S-10 is a capable subwoofer with great sound quality at a very reasonable cost.  Both subwoofers excel with music which is often overlooked in a market flooded with products aiming towards maximum extension or sheer SPL output.  They truly are the first subwoofers I’ve listened to that augment my two channel music listening experience without subtracting anything. 

Bassaholic Medium  Bassaholic Small

RBH SX-10/R Medium Room ; S-10 Small Room Bassaholic Ratings

The RBH SX-10/R received our Audioholics Bassaholic Medium Room rating, which means that this sub is recommended as maintaining adequate headroom in rooms or spaces of between 1,500 to 3,000 cubic feet and/or for users who usually listen at moderate volume levels. The RBH S-10 received our Audioholics Bassaholic Small Room rating which is appropriate for rooms up to 1500 ft^3 to achieve reference levels.

See: Audioholics Subwoofer Room Size Rating Protocol

RBH S-10 & SX-10/R Subwoofers Video Review


RBH Sound

SX-10/R $1,300

S-10 $499

  382 Marshall Way,
Layton, Utah 84041


About RBH Sound
RBH Sound’s goal is to produce the finest products in each category we manufacture. Sonic and build quality are paramount at RBH Sound. We are constantly searching for new technologies and improvements that will keep us as a industry leader. For additional information, visit  

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Recent Forum Posts:

BoredSysAdmin posts on February 13, 2020 22:51
Reviving a 6-year-old thread? hehe. Ok. My opinion hasn't changed. I want to see the measurements first.
What changed with time is my knowledge of how to read these measurement graphs. What to dismiss and what to pay close attention to. RBH/EMP still makes great products that measure really well in important things, such as low distortion, linearity, and self-control.
CoryW posts on February 12, 2020 21:55
BoredSysAdmin, post: 1034427, member: 28046
Is it just me or anyone else is irked to see “Musicality” in poll options? Don't know whatever heck it is.
Now, “Flat Response” - I do understand

And as for RBH subs - thanks for great review, but imo both of these subs need to quickly migrate to EMP, price reduced, to compete with SB1000/SB2000 likes
I understand this type of comment. I’ve owned subs that could produce huge quantities of low end thump that made movies with a lot of special effects shine. When listening to low end content that needed a bit of grace, such as the sound of fingers plucking an upright bass in jazz, or other tracks that needed finesse, classical music etc, they left me wanting. I’ve had a sub with 8” driver with passive panels that was amazing for music, but puked awfully trying to create a “big badda boom”.

I own 5 RBH subs right now, two 1010-SEN (later upgraded to 10” reference) two TS-10AN, and a TS-12AN.

Each one of these subs handle everything with ease. The standard 10” and 12” driver really produces a satisfying wave that rolls right through the chest. Running the TS-10 as a pair in my stereo listening is perfect perfect perfect. The listed low of 30hz should not put anyone off. They produce an satisfying low end. They should bottomless. The 12” inch sub was a lucky thing. It was a very old black paper woofer, but an awesome cabinet. I put a standard 12” aluminum woofer in the case, let it break in and holy cow.

Now, the 1010-SEN/r subs are something completely sic. They reach down to 18hz or so, and will rip your face off if you sit too close. I put an amp in bridged mode at 1500 watt, then made a mistake on the initial volume setting when firing off a sub test track. The driver didn’t bottom out, the amp didn’t clip, and the felt waves made me jump out of my chair. There is nothing in the recorded audio world that these subs can’t reproduce to absolute perfection, and at any volume level.

I dream of a pair of reference 12” twin monsters one day. They make some of the best subs in the business.
ousooner2 posts on May 31, 2014 13:26
I get some decent output down to 25hz and then it falls off. I'm using 2, but it's closer to a 1,000sqft area (yes, sqft). They sound incredibly musical too, which is something that just does not happen at this price point. I know there are more factors than just the sub that play into that, but I've had the PA-120, Klipsch rw-12d and e1010i all in the same spot…and it's not even a fair fight.

I'd love to have a ton of lower end extension, but that comes at a much higher cost (unless you DIY)
AcuDefTechGuy posts on May 30, 2014 20:07
gene, post: 1034636
Sometimes we all get a little too caught up in the measurements without actually trying a product real world to see how it really performs.
Yeah, what's the saying? Measurements aren't everything? If it sounds good, then it's good?

Real world experience.
gene posts on May 30, 2014 17:28
BoredSysAdmin, post: 1034628
I don't have to imagine, only to remember. At AH GTG 2012 in EMP small room a single “little” i1010e corner loaded - was extremely impressive during few short movie clip demos

Sadly forum folks dismissed this sub b/c it didn't have a lot of measured output below 30Hz so it was never a big seller. Sometimes we all get a little too caught up in the measurements without actually trying a product real world to see how it really performs.
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