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Rockford Fosgate Roof Audio System For Polaris Ranger All-Terrain Vehicles

by January 06, 2024
Rockford Fosgate Ranger Roof Audio System

Rockford Fosgate Ranger Roof Audio System

Sometimes the world of high-end audio seems like a tiny niche market. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who actually want a pair of big tower speakers or a complex Dolby Atmos home theater. But just because something isn’t for everyone, that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for some folks. Today we’re looking at a super-niche product that will make many audio-loving owners of all-terrain vehicles very happy. The Polaris Ranger family of utility-focused ATVs is popular for all kinds of uses, from farming, ranching, and property maintenance to hunting, trail-riding, dune-riding, and general outdoor adventure. These are impressive machines, but they won’t scratch the itch for outdoor audio entertainment. That’s where the Rockford Fosgate Ranger Roof Audio System comes in. It’s a purpose-built all-in-one audio system designed for two-seater and four-seater Polaris Ranger models (2018 and newer).

Rockford Fosgate System installed

Rockford Fosgate says that this new system “redefines the ultimate outdoor audio experiences, blending exceptional performance with seamless installation.” And because it’s built from the ground up for the outdoor environment, it should be every bit as tough and durable as the vehicles for which it was designed. The Ranger Roof Audio System is “element-ready,” according to Rockford Fosgate, with built-in UV protection and materials designed to stand up to water, salt, heat, and cold. The entire system is elevated out of the elements, so you can ford through water and mud bogs with confidence while surrounding yourself with sound. This “adventure-tested” system features a one-piece design, keeping installation simple. But you can personalize the experience with the Rockford Fosgate Color Optix plug-and-play controller, which allows you to design customizable lighting for the cockpit via a mobile app. The four-seater configuration includes eight 8-inch speakers plus a pair of 10-inch subwoofers, powered by 1,500 watts of amplification. If you add the loaded rear cap, you also get cargo lights, a backup camera, and an additional four speakers powered by an additional amp, bringing the total system power to 2,300 watts.

No matter where the adventure leads you, the Ranger Roof Audio System surrounds outdoor enthusiasts with an epic audio experience, developed to provide performance never heard before in a side-by-side vehicle. We speak volume, and our team’s dedication to crafting durable products with sound that elevates every adventure has fueled our drive to push the boundaries of innovation. The Ranger Roof Audio System is the ultimate embodiment of outdoor performance.

— Zach Luke, VP Sales and Marketing, Rockford Fosgate

Polaris Ranger

The Ranger Roof Audio System starts at $4,999.99 for a two-seater, and $7,999.99 for a four-seater. The Rear Audio Cap is priced at $2,499.99. All configurations are available for purchase now.

Visit rockfordfosgate.com for more information.


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