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7 Incredible Hi-Fi Giveaways - One LiveStream: Audioholics 25-Years Celebration!

by April 15, 2024
Audioholics 25th Year Celebration

Audioholics 25th Year Celebration

Audioholics turns 25! Prepare for an unforgettable LiveStream event that's so packed with giveaways that it's the equivalent of 7 Audioholics Contests in one night! Every prize is from among Audioholics’ favorite brands and guaranteed to elevate your home audio experience. Featured brands include: Definitive Technology, RBH, SVS, Focal, Cambridge Audio - and MORE!

Check out the full prize list below and be sure to register to win, because on April 18th, prepare to party like it’s… 

Audioholics.com: Trusted in Audio/Video since 1999!

Product of the Year Award 2023From its inception in April ‘99, Audioholics.com brought objective analysis to audio/video through news, reviews, and editorial. Audioholics built its reputation offering practical advice and helpful instruction for the latest home audio & video technology. One of the community’s most popular recurring features is the Bench Test Report, conducted by in-house engineers and technicians to provide real-world measurements from rigorous performance evaluations. By publishing the raw numbers Audioholics cuts through marketing hype and skips the sugar coating to let consumers make informed decisions. Readers and viewers on Audioholics YouTube channel get to compare the raw bench test numbers with manufacturer specifications. The results are often surprising! Many community favorite brands and Winners of Audioholics Product of the Year Awards are known to routinely exceed published specs.

Register for the giveaway. Full LiveStream & contest details below the entry form.


LiveStream Itinerary: A Trip Down Memory Lane and More!

Join us on April 18th from 7 pm - 9 pm Eastern Time for a trip down memory lane and an exclusive look into the world of Audioholics. Here's what you can expect: Opening Segment (20-30 min): A brief history of Audioholics, tracing the journey from an idea to growing into a trusted source for audio/video reviews and news.

Meet the Audioholics Team: The community’s dedicated team will be on-hand to talk about how they discovered Audioholics and what drives them to contribute.


  • Gene & Bertha DellaSala
  • Theo Nicolakis
  • Wayde Robson 
  • James Larson 
  • Tony Leotta 
  • Don Dunn
  • Xavier Burgos (aka. Captain Analog)

  • Shane Lee 

Special Guest Discussions: Our guests are a who’s-who of industry professionals that will share insights into the impact Audioholics has had on their brands and the industry as a whole. 

Guests include:

  • Shane Rich from RBH Sound 
  • Phil Jones from Masimo 
  • Phil Shea from Yamaha 
  • Nick Brown from SVS 
  • Bill Dudleston from Legacy Audio 
  • Eric Weiderholtz from Perlisten 
  • Steve Novakoski from Cambridge Audio 
  • Zack Geringer from Dreamedia AV

Audoholics 25 Year LiveStream Forum Thread: For up-to-the minute details about the LiveStream event, visit the event's official thread on the Audioholics Forum.

Giveaway Announcements: Throughout the LiveStream, answer skill-testing questions in the chat for a chance to win! Questions may cover technology, manufacturers, or fun facts about Audioholics. 

Unprecedented Giveaways: More Prizes Than Ever Before! 

This is the most giveaways Audioholics has ever hosted in one night! 

Check out the incredible prizes up for grabs: 

How to Participate and Win 

To be eligible for the giveaways, you must register for the LiveStream. Registration is simple! Just fill out the form and tune in to our LiveStream on YouTube on April 18th from 7 pm - 9 pm Eastern Time. Registration will close after the Stream, so don't miss out!

Our contest is ONLY open to Continental USA residents and we apologize to our international viewers but still love you just the same.

The first best answer to our skill-testing questions, as selected by Gene, will be declared the winner. We'll arrange delivery of the prize to the lucky winner in the following week.

Audioholics Youtube Livestream Celebration of 25 Years of Publishing 4/18/24 @ 7pm EST

Stay Connected and Keep an Eye on Your Inbox 

Make sure to register with an email address you’re monitoring so we can contact you about your prize. By registering, you'll also sign up to receive newsletters from Audioholics and the participating manufacturers. 

Please Note: Unresponsive prize winners via email will be void, and that prize’s winner will be re-selected via a random draw within the week following the LiveStream. Unclaimed prizes by the end of the LiveStream will have a winner selected via a random draw during the week after the LiveStream. Every prize MUST be won, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam filters! 

Don't Miss Out on This Spectacular Event! 

Join us for an evening filled with fun, learning, and incredible giveaways as we celebrate 25 years of Audioholics! Register now and mark your calendars for April 18th, 7 pm - 9 pm Eastern Time. We can't wait to celebrate with you!


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