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Customer Service Excellence – A Continuing Hallmark for Axiom Audio

by August 18, 2008



Back in 2005, I reviewed the Axiom EP500 subwoofer and found it to be such a good performer that we awarded it product of the year. Incidentally, we purchased it and it remained my reference sub for my family room system in the Audioholics Showcase Home. Considering equipment rarely lasts more than a year in any of my primary systems, that speaks volumes for its performance.


I recently had a few issues with my unit including:

  • Both RCA level connectors came loose and eventually broke off
  • An intermittent thumping sound developed that would only go away if I power cycled the unit; only to come back a few days later.


Thus I dropped an email to Axiom requesting a new amplifier and they happily obliged. It didn’t surprise me that the replacement amp showed up 3 days after I requested it. I am used to Axiom being ludicrously fast with shipping products both from personal experience and from reader feedback on our forums.


Axiom boxWhat did take me for a spin was the fact that I received a heavy box with EP125v3 markings on it. I scratched my head thinking “did I ask them to send me a sub?” Maybe they assumed I wanted a little sub for my workout room. Incidentally I noticed the v3 marking and checked their website which currently shows only v2. Perhaps they have sent me a prototype of a revamp to their sub?


Before opening the box, I was getting a bit excited of that notion, I phoned them to verify. I didn’t want to jump the gun because the possibility of a shipping mistake and have Axiom B-stock a perfectly brand new Ep125 subwoofer product I mistakenly opened that wasn’t meant for me. It turned out this is how Axiom ships replacement amps for their EP500 subwoofers. It still didn’t explain the weight but I figured I’d verify this for myself nonetheless. I think Amie may have sensed the disappointment in my voice that I in fact didn’t mistakenly receive a new subwoofer but my curiosity was getting the best of me and I wanted to solve this mysterious weight issue.


When I opened the Ep125v3 box, I noticed a hardwood box with an instruction sheet and some tools. I glanced at the instructions which were very specific on how to replace the EP500 amp. Of course I put them to the side, never to look at them again (as I typically do with user manuals and instructional sheets) and got to work.  For those that like to follow directions, I included them as an attached PDF in this article in the related links area.

closed box  open box


Unscrewing the EP500 amp from the Ep125 box required a power drill as the screws were quite large. When I pulled the amp out, I noted how the internal bracing of this box seemed more structurally rigid than the actual real subwoofer product itself. It was clear to me that Axiom took every precaution to ensure this amp arrived undamaged to me.


Using their supplied tools, I removed the old amp (after unplugging it of course). The large torroid power supply of this amp makes it rather hefty. I suggest removing the bottom screws first and placing one hand towards the bottom while removing the remaining screws.

Ep500 Inside  EP500 Back


It was nice to see the inside of my EP500. The massive motor structure and cast basket, and dual terminal lugs of this driver still impresses.


Putting the new amp in was relatively easy, though I encourage you to put in the top screws first, while using one hand to secure the bottom. One thing you don’t want is this amp moving around while you are screwing it back in, else you will likely damage the MDF enclosure.


The replacement was uneventful and I am happy to report my family room system is rocking again with the EP500 providing the bottom end.


As someone in the industry dealing with products on a daily basis, as well as servicing the products hosted in my reference systems, it’s rare to still get surprised by a manufacturer that goes that extra mile to ensure your products are properly supported. Axiom has once again reminded me of their customer service excellence and why they remain one of the top online loudspeaker companies in this business. Bravo!


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