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Denon AVR-391 Receiver Preview Denon AVR-391 Receiver Preview The new Denon AVR-391 sports four HDMI 1.4a inputs, discrete amplifiers, and HD audio decoding with preouts for Surround Back channels or for Dolby ProLogic IIz decoding.
Yamaha RX-V567 Receiver Preview Yamaha RX-V567 Receiver Preview The Yamaha RX-V567 has a lot more of what consumers want in a next generation receiver. They've added two additional channels of amplification, an On Screen Display, and HDMI upconversion and scaling.
Yamaha RX-V467 Receiver Preview Yamaha RX-V467 Receiver Preview From a pure user standpoint, the $379 Yamaha RX-V467 is light years better than then RX-V367. The native decoding of HD audio and YPAO room correction are welcome additions to this AV receiver.
Yamaha RX-V367 Receiver Preview Yamaha RX-V367 Receiver Preview In the plus column, the Yamaha RX-V367 has four HDMI inputs that are 3-D ready. If that is all you are looking for in a receiver, this is the one for you. Other than that, the RX-V367 is very basic.
Onkyo TX-SR608 Receiver Preview Onkyo TX-SR608 Receiver Preview If you are looking for Burr-Brown DACs, Dolby ProLogic IIz, Audyssey DSX, and dual subwoofer outputs plus 1080p video upcoversion and THX, the Onkyo TX-SR608 is just what the doctor ordered.
Pioneer VSX-1120-K Receiver Preview Pioneer VSX-1120-K Receiver Preview The VSX-1120-K offers the pinnacle of the Pioneer-branded line. Those that don't mind paying a premium for extra convenience and performance are going to be very temped by that VSX-1120-K.
Pioneer VSX-1020-K Receiver Preview Pioneer VSX-1020-K Receiver Preview The new Pioneer VSX-1020-K has all the functionality of the $399 VSX-920-K with the addition of a GUI, on-screen album art, a powered Zone 2, improved MCACC, Internet radio, and iPhone control.
Pioneer VSX-920-K Receiver Preview Pioneer VSX-920-K Receiver Preview The Pioneer VSX-920-K introduces two additional channels of amplification over the two lower models, PQLS for enhanced two-channel audio, and Anchor Bay powered 1080p upconversion all for $399.
Pioneer VSX-820-K Receiver Preview Pioneer VSX-820-K Receiver Preview The VSX-820-K is the next in line from the electronics giant and comes in at just under $300 with an extra HDMI input, and on-screen display, MCACC auto system setup, and iPhone certification.
Pioneer VSX-520-K Receiver Preview Pioneer VSX-520-K Receiver Preview We really think Pioneer has cut the right corners with the Pioneer VSX-520-K. You can add surround back/height channels, Bluetooth control, and with HDMI 1.4 it is ready for 3D all for $229.