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Reference System 6: Jim Robbins

by December 31, 2006
Reference System 6: Jim Robbins

Reference System 6: Jim Robbins

Starting many years ago with a meager HTIB, TV and VCR, this system has worked its way into a full home theater with 106” projection screen, full 7.1 audio setup, and high definition sources. You can read about his progression in “Am I an Audoholic?” The primary motivation behind upgrades for Reference System 6 has been primarily been a better video gaming experience, but movie watching was a close second. This theater is the primary screen for movies and daily TV viewing. Of course, music is a part of the Robbins’ household, so there is also a separate 2-channel system in the main living room. Most of the serious and casual music listening is done there while the multi-channel experience is left for the man cave.

Even though he just added some Auralex Sonosuede acoustical treatments to the theater room, there are some planned upgrades for the future. These include a PS3, a newer HD DVD player, upgraded receiver, and possibly one of the new 1080p LCD projectors based on the newest D7 panels.

As you can see from the parts list, images, and future wants, Jim is a gamer. His children are likely doomed to repeat his time-wasting habits. Of course, they’ll be so spoiled by the time they leave home, they might not have the heart to play games on a mere 26” or 32” screen with no surround sound. There is hope for them yet!

Alas, poor Jim is an audioholic for life… (and yes, by poor we mean Jim spent all his money on gear and doesn’t have much left!)

Manufacturer's Website
AVR-3805 AV Receiver Denon
Kappa 400 Front Speakers Infinity
Kappa 200 Center and Rear Surrounds Infinity
ERS 210 In-wall Surrounds Infinity
PB12-Plus/2 Subwoofer SVSound
PT-AX100U Projector Panasonic
106” 1.78:1 Criterion - Brilliant White Fixed Screen Carada
DHG-HDD250 TV Tuner / DVR Sony
HD-A2 HD DVD Player Toshiba
Harmony 880 Universal Remote Logitech
Xbox / Xbox 360 Microsoft Game Systems Microsoft
GameCube / Wii Nintendo Game Systems Nintendo
SU1000XL Power regenerating UPS Main Power Protection TrippLite
GS-1285U UPS Game Power Protection Best Buy
PSC47 HDMI Switcher Psyclone
10 Meter SHR HDMI Cable DVI Gear
36” Component Video Component Video Cable Blue Jeans Cable
Sonicwave Glass Optical cables TosLink Digital Cables Impact Acoustics
12 Gauge Zip Cord Generic Speaker Wire Lowes
Sonosuede HT System Acoustic Treatments Auralex
Euro Component Racks AV Furniture Sanus
Consul Stressless Chairs Main Theater Chairs Ekornes
iJoy-173 Massage Chair Human Touch
Mame Cabinet Arcade Machine Made by Jim
Children Audience Made by Jim, kind of :-)
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