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Reference System 4: Ken Stein

by August 31, 2007
Front of theater

Front of theater

The system has also undergone extensive ISF calibration by our trained and certified ISF Senior Staff. Reference System 4 is the home of several Do-It-Yourself projects by handyman Ken Stein, which includes sound panels, speakers, and accessories. Audioholics plans to use Reference System 4 wisely and effectively in many of our loudspeaker and subwoofer reviews.

Main features include an Integra Research RDC-7 processor and DIY speaker system. The DIY sound panels make the room acoustics in reference system 4 ideal for audio reviews which include loudspeakers, processors, amplifiers and other assorted home theater products.

Manufacturer's Website
Integra Research RDC-7
Preamp / Processor
Integra Research
(2) Acurus A200
200 watt x 3 Channel Power Amp
Acurus A250
250 watt x 2 Channel Power Amp
Panamax 1000+ Line Conditioner and Noise Filter Panamax
DIY speakers
Main Speakers
Dynaudio/Peerless 3-way
Center Channel
Morel/Peerless 2-way
Surround Channels (2)
Morel/Peerless 2-way dipoles

Rear Channels (2)
Morel/Peerless 2-way
1000 watt 12" subwoofer (2)
TC Sounds/Dayton
BenQ PE 8700 Projector DLP Front Projector BenQ
Da-Lite Pro-Imager Screen Projector Screen Da Lite
Marantz DV-9500
Universal DVD Player
Logitech Harmony 676
Universal Remote Control Logitech
Panamax 1000+
Line Conditioner/Noise Filter
HDMI Cables
60' Long-run HDMI Cable
DVI-7370 Active Cable Extender
HDMI/Component wall plates
Blue Jeans Cable
Audio and Video Cables
Blue Jeans Cable
Sound Panels Do-It-Yourself


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