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Emotiva Audio’s Holiday Sale is NOW!

by November 17, 2008
Ho Ho, Ho my God that is a lot of amp!

Ho Ho, Ho my God that is a lot of amp!

Some people are early shoppers, some just like deals, and others can't resist the glow of little blue lights. For all, Emotiva is here for you. From November 15th through the end of the year, Emotiva is celebrating the holiday season by offering incredible deals. The XPA-5 and XPA-2 Amplifiers are only $699, one hundred dollars off the regular price of $799.  The XPA-3 and UPA-7 Amps are only $599, fifty dollars off their regular price of $649. ERM-1 LCR Monitors are only $199 (regular price $229), and ERD-1 Surround Speakers are $249 a pair (regularly $299).  Free shipping on these items as well. So if you are shopping for yourself, or perhaps just want to send a link to your better half as a "hint," visit emotiva.com and maybe Santa will have something cool (and powerful) under the tree for you this year.

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