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Emotiva Amps on Sale!

by January 27, 2009
Think how good that would look in your home theater...

Think how good that would look in your home theater...

If you are anything like me, the single most coveted component in a home theater setup are amplifiers. If I had the money, I'd collect them like some people collect stamps or unicorns. The pretty blue lights, the industrial construction, the sense of pent up power just waiting to be released. There is just something about amps that tickles the imagination of all home theater enthusiasts. Too bad they are so expensive.

Or are they?

Emotiva has often been touted as the "affordable" amplifier and processor company. When the "affordable" company has a sale, it's time to bust out the checkbook and write two checks - one to Emotiva and one to the jeweler (you married guys know what I'm talking about).

Emotiva has two amps on sale right now. The already unbelievably low priced XPA-3 three-channel amp is pushing 200 watts per channel and would be perfect for you two channel guys and gals or maybe to power the front three channels on a home theater setup. Normally $649 (I know, that's just over a dollar a watt), it's now going for $499.  This is an affordable way to supercharge your A/V receiver.  Give it a break and let the XPA-3 power the most demanding front three channels.  You're receiver will thank you for it!

Next up, if you have a full 7.1 setup and have always wanted a full fledged separates setup, this is your chance to pick up the amplifier. The UPA-7 pushes 125 watts into 7 channels and sports the industrial look and build quality that has made Emotiva famous and their owners the envy of their friends. For only $549 (normally $649) it can be yours.

The thing about amps is that they are forever. A good amp will always be a good amp and you can always find a use for it. Emotiva makes good (nay, Great) amps. This is your chance to get one at an incredible price. Don't hate yourself for missing this deal. You know you will.

For more information, visit http://www.emotiva.com/.

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