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Emotiva Audio RPA-1 Stereo Amplifier Review

by June 30, 2007
Emotiva Audio RPA-1 Stereo Amplifier

Emotiva Audio RPA-1 Stereo Amplifier

  • Product Name: RPA-1
  • Manufacturer: Emotiva Audio
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarhalf-star
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
  • Review Date: June 30, 2007 19:00
  • MSRP: $ 699
  • Buy Now
  • Dual mono block design
  • Extremely low residual noise floor
  • Dual high current toroidal power transformers
  • Enhanced Emotiva EPM power module topology
  • 200 watts RMS per channel into eight ohms
  • 350 watts RMS per channel into four ohms
  • 1Hz – 80kHz bandwidth
  • THD+N - .015%
  • Convection cooling
  • Analog VU meters
  • 12VDC trigger input
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced inputs
  • Tiffany style RCA inputs
  • High-quality, high current binding posts
  • Panel dimmer
  • Milled multi-element floating wing faceplate with indirect cobalt blue illumination.
  • Dims: (HxWxD) 6” x 18 7/16” x 16 7/16"
  • Weight - 60 lbs.


  • Price
  • Performance
  • Looks


  • None


Emotiva Audio RPA-1 Introduction

As a reviewer, I "need" things. Test equipment, a modicum of writing ability, and an opinionated mind. A lack of consideration for other's feelings with my opinion helps as does a stockpile of products upon which to heap my love or loathing (depending). Occasionally, I "need" new equipment. I need it like a crack addict needs a fix. Like a Krispy Kreme "needs" to be next door to a Jenny Craig. Like a politician needs a cause no matter how little they believe in it. Well, I had a couple of speakers coming in for review and I noticed that they were a little inefficient and perhaps could have benefited from external amplification. Being the dutiful reviewer I am, I gave Emotiva Audio a call to see if they could help me out with my looming problem. Dan Laufman decided that what I needed was a good two channel amp to put these speakers through their paces. He was right, I did need that. I needed it bad.

Emotiva Audio has been making a name for themselves as the answer to the question "can I afford separates"? Well, yes you can, if you buy them from Emotiva. To my mind there are three levels of receiver purchases, <$300, $300-$1200, and $1200+. If you are new to home theater you're looking at a sub-$300 purchase. Most people can't fathom spending any more than that. Once you break that barrier, you're looking at a mid-level receiver for someone that recognizes the benefits of sinking a little more into their receiver including increased functionality, configuration options, connection types, and more. After about $1200, you get into the realm of separates and flagship receivers. This is for your serious user that either has a lot of money or looking for quality amplification and processing for a very high end system. For many, many years you couldn't find a set of separates under $2000. Emotiva Audio killed that notion when they introduced their $899 Ultra Theater Series. Now they are taking on the high-end two-channel crowd with their Reference Audio Series.

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ImcLoud posts on November 25, 2012 01:09
stanley77, post: 926199

Hi Phaze,

Can I know the specifications of RSP-1 & RPA-1?? And all the details of it ex. price etc.

WOW, a 5 year old thread resurrected on post 1, good job, and welcome… I don't think this unit is available anymore, lol…
Adam posts on November 24, 2012 19:08
Welcome to the forum, Stanley!

Unfortunately, Phaze hasn't been on the forum in over five years, so you probably won't get a response unless he has it set up to e-mail him when people post in this thread.
stanley77 posts on November 24, 2012 19:01


Hi Phaze,

Can I know the specifications of RSP-1 & RPA-1?? And all the details of it ex. price etc.
etpfonehome posts on November 26, 2007 21:50
what happened to the upply of RPA 1's

Right when I get the OK from the wife to buy the RPA 1 noticed it was out of stock and now it does not even show up when you click on the “buy” link.
Any one have one to sell?
snapper62 posts on October 09, 2007 22:54
RSP! update

Lonnie at Emotiva and I have exchanged emails trying to sort out the problem with the volume and we tracked it down to an aggressively tightened clamp on the volume stem itself; the little things will get you every time. Problem solved, backup unit returned, and yes, it still sounds great.

A note about working with Emotiva: when we connected, we worked very well together and it is a rare manufacturer that will not freak out when you mention cracking the case; indeed I solved the issue with their support and a screwdriver….
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