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Emotiva Audio’s Summer/4th of July Sale!

by June 30, 2008

Take advantage of big savings and free shipping on Emotiva's award winning, acclaimed loudspeaker system and the classic LPA-1 amplifier! Act now or regret it this weekend! Now, through July 6th:  ERM-1 LCR Monitors are only $229 each (regularly $299), and ERD-1 Surround Speakers are only $299 a pair (regularly $349). Emotiva's classic LPA-1 7 Channel Power Amplifiers (regular price $499) is now only $449! On top of all that, you get free shipping! This will be the last run of LPA-1s, and supplies are limited! If you've been sitting on the fence, jump now while the water is cool and deals are hot.

Visit Emotiva's site for more information on their speakers and the LPA-1.

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