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Countdown to CES - iPod Gizmos, Gadgets and Paraphenalia

by December 31, 2007
Countdown to CES 2008

Countdown to CES 2008

We tried to avoid it. We really did... But there is no escaping... the power... of the iPod. We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that companies will be falling all over themselves to support the latest iPods available form Apple Computer. And we also know they will all be scrambling to update these products when Apple decides on a whim to change the docking connector.

Last year we found some excellent iPod-centric products, including one model that allowed you to tag Internet radio tunes and then purchased the tagged items at your leisure from the iTunes music store. This year even NAD gets into the iPod dock game with a new product that interfaces with their new AV receivers. A new company called Shiro is making some very slim MP4 products that look like iPod knockoffs, but happen to be some of the first ones we've seen that look nearly as attractive. Seriously, it's been a number of years, can't SOMEONE come up with a real alternative that doesn't suck? You've got to hand it to Apple - there's a reason they are the #1 portable music player manufacturer.

The countdown has begun - are you ready?

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