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Countdown to CES - Future Technology

by December 29, 2007
Are you ready for some vaporware?

Are you ready for some vaporware?

Today we talk about future technology and the promises that have left us breathless, and then helpless as we watched them fizzle by the wayside. Often we are victims of the "technology tease". Examples include OLED, SED, IPTV and voice-controlled Star Trek-style computers.

This year one of the vaporware technologies comes to life in the form of actual shipping products. The company is WildCharge, Inc which promises "wireless power." The catch? CE manufacturers would need to adopt the technology in droves in order for it to be integrated and fully supported in a practical way with popular products. We won't be holding our breath, but it looks cool and it's nice to see something ship for once.

Voice recognition is also making a comeback as more and more gadgets are attempting to become hands-free. Primarily this is emerging in the GPS and navigation market, but we'll see if they can drive it far enough to be practical.

Who's next? OLED? SED? Holograms? We know one thing - we won't be latching on to new tech so easily without asking some very specific and pointed questions as to manufacturer support, product roll-out and pricing.

The countdown has begun - are you ready?

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