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APC Silver Blowout Sale!

by January 23, 2009
Silver = More green in your pocket

Silver = More green in your pocket

APC has consistently impressed us with their quality and value. Sure, $450 might seem like a lot for a power conditioner/surge protector/voltage regulator but in comparison to the competition, it is a drop in the bucket. We've seen power conditioners go for much, much more (we're talking thousands more) that don't work half as well as the APC offerings. APC has always provided a quality product at a reasonable price.

Not anymore.

APC is blowing out their silver line of products. This equates to a quality product at a completely unreasonable price. Personally, I prefer the silver over the black and if you feel the same, it is your lucky day. Heck, if you don't feel the same it is still your lucky day. The H15, (reviewed here) normally $449.99, is now selling for $149.99!! The H10, usually $349.99, is only $129.99! The C10, C3, and C5 power filters, usually $199, $135, and $129 respectively are going for $69, $39, and $59 respectively (yes, the middle price is correct). These deals are too good to beat. Pick them up while they last.

Buy the H15

Buy the H10

Buy the C10

Buy the C3

Buy the C5

See all of APC sale offerings

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