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APC AV H15 1.5kVA H Type Power Conditioner Review

by February 10, 2008
APC H15 Power Conditioner

APC H15 Power Conditioner

  • Product Name: H15
  • Manufacturer: APC
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarhalf-star
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Review Date: February 10, 2008 19:05
  • MSRP: $ 449.99
  • Buy Now

Input Voltage Range for Operation (on utility): 92V - 144V
Nominal Voltage: 120 Vac
Allowable Input Frequency for Operation (on utility): 47 - 63 Hz
Rated Input Current: 12 Amps
Input Circuit Breaker Rating: 15 Amps

Number of Outlets: 12 (all outlets are surge protected, conditioned, and regulated)
Output Regulation: +/- 5%, 10%, 15% for AVR (Range = Narrow/Normal/Wide)
Outlet type: NEMA 5-15R
Rated VA Capacity: 1440VA
Rated Watt Capacity (continuous): 1440 Watts
Rated Output Current: 12 Amps

Let-Through Voltage Rating: <40 Volts
Peak Surge Current (NM + CM): 250KA
Data Line Protection Jacks (splitter): Single-line 2-wire phoneline protection for phone, modem, or fax.
Coax: 5MHz-1GHz Two pairs (one with splitter)

EMI/RFI Attenuation: 40-100dB at 100KHz-30MHz
Total Surge Joules: 5200 Joules
DC Trigger: Two 3.5mm mini-jack plugs (5-30V)
Physical Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.75 x 17 x 9.5”
Unpackaged Weight: 16.7 lbs
Shipping Weight: 22.4 lbs
Safety Agency Approvals: UL1449, cUL, FCC Part 68 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B, NOMClick on a thumbnail below to view full image.


  • Beautiful
  • Performs perfectly
  • Lots of feedback to the user so they know exactly what it is doing


  • Sometimes doesn't play well with subwoofer amps


APC has long been associated with UPS and power solutions. The H15 performs its every job superbly - of that there is no doubt. Personally, the H15 embodies the perfect marriage of form and function. It looks as good as it performs. The H15 provides top of the line protection and regulation along with the piece of mind that can't be beat at this price point.
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Recent Forum Posts:

lakedmb posts on March 22, 2009 11:37
Amazon has the APC H15 for $99 plus free shipping right now.
PopDisplay posts on December 09, 2008 22:51
Thank you Circuit City!

Their Atlanta stores are being liquidated. I was able to buy a $500 APC #J15 UPS and power conditioner for 60% off, or $200. (complete model # is J15BLK)
ldragun posts on October 03, 2008 14:24
APC H15 / Rotel RLC 1040 Question

I just got the Rotel RLC 1040 which is similar to the H15 in function
but not looks. I am wondering if anyone with either unit has the
“filtering” LED in the OFF state for the majority of the time. I only was the LED
come on once for a short period of time. I am not sure if my unit is working
properly or if this is normal if the AC line is clean and the filtering is OFF
by default. I have only a few days left and don't want to get stuck with a

Beans posts on September 18, 2008 23:53
Has anyone done an A/B test with a high quality amp plugged into the “high current” AC input on this model? I just bought a Classe 5100 and I want to plug it in for voltage regulation an proximity reasons, but I dont want to loose ANY sound quality. I have read that with some amps its better to plug directly into the wall, but I have never read that is the case when taking into consideration the high current input on an unit like this.

Am I ok to plug my amp into this or should I figure a way to go directly into a wall?

Beans posts on April 23, 2008 21:07
gene, post: 404036
Set it to normal. As long as the line doesn't drop below 108Vrms you will be fine. USA Consumer gear is made to work between 108-132Vrms and the H15 will keep you well above 108Vrms if you set it to normal.

The analog power input likely has more current capability and low frequency filtering so you should try to use the appropriate connection when you can.

Unfortunately my cable box reset issue has returned even when using the 1040. I had the 1040 set to normal so I am little stumped and thought one of three things could be happening.

1.) The cable box settings resets at votlages fluctuations +/-10% of 120
2.) the 1040 is not working 100% and even when set to “normal” it alows votlage fluctuations great then +/-10%
3.) Voltage fluctuations is not what is causing the cable box to reset.

For “fun” i set the 1040 to “narrow” and watched the Vin and Vout to see what it would read when the “boost” or “trim” would kick in and here is wht I noticed.

The 1040 clicked and the “boost” light flicked on and off pretty quick. The display however only showed the Vin stay at 119 V and the Vout jumped up to 125V. Why would this be? Wouldnt the “boost” light come on when the Vin is less then 5%, shouldnt the Vin have read 114V in order to trigger the line boost?
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