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DD Audio DXB-03 On-Ear Headphones Measurements and Analysis


DD Audio rates the DXB-03 headphones to be 40 ohms.  As you can see in my impedance and phase measurement, it seems about right. 


DD Audio DXB-03 Impedance Measurement

I constructed a very primitive ear by usage of a styrofoam cup with the microphone placed at the opposite end.  As you can see from the graph, these headphones are reasonably linear though there seems to be a bit of bass boosting going on below 200Hz which is likely why I found these headphones to offer a very bass intensive listening experience. 


DD Audio DXB-03 Frequency Response


I only have a couple of nits to pick with these cans.  The first being that they can sometimes sound a bit chesty with male vocals while listening to bass heavy music.  Still, I’d venture to say the casual listener would prefer the sound quality of these headphones over my more tonally neutral and far less efficient and more expensive Sennheiser’s.  The second gripe is with the metal headband that can sometimes exert a tad more pressure than I’d like when wearing headphones for an extended period of time.  I understand why they went with metal since it’s more durable than plastic, but a little more padding at the top where the headband touches your skull would be appreciated. Also it would have been nice if the DXB-03’s had about another half inch of adjustment for people with oversized heads like me. 


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