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DD Audio DXB-03 On-Ear Headphones Conclusion


The DD Audio DXB-03 headphones reDXB03-headphones.JPGpresent a very good value at their $150/pair retail price for on-ear headphones sold direct by the manufacturer.  Their construction quality is excellent and the wood grain dressing really adds a touch of class to the product.  The detachable cable is built to a very high durability standard likely neutralizing the need to ever replace it for all but the most careless users; hey we all have children.  Bass is the forte of the DXB-03’s which is no surprise from a company that specializes in car audio boom.  If you’re a Bassaholic, then you’re going love these headphones. The DXB-03’s will play at ungodly loud listening levels with very little input power and they will do it cleanly with plenty of bottom end and top end sizzle. 

If you’re looking for a rugged, beautiful pair of affordable headphones with integrated microphone capability that offer a lot of sound for your money, then the DXB-03’s should be on your shortlist.


1141 NW 1st St.

Oklahoma City
, OK 73106
(405) 239-2800


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