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The Rotating Immersive Surround Speaker Concept

by August 07, 2015
Traveling rotating surround speaker

Traveling rotating surround speaker

Lately it seems the new craze is MORE is better.  We are  seeing this with inflated power ratings in AV receivers, and with the "necessity" of adding more speakers to the home theater to achieve immersive 3D surround sound.  In fact, the industry and some enthusiasts seem so bent to add more speakers that they are willing to make the ultimate compromise by slapping a speaker on top of another speaker instead of doing it correctly with discrete ceiling or wall mounted height speakers.  This would actually be comical if we were making it up; but it's true.  Dolby even holds a "Patent Pending" on their Upfiring Atmos Reflection Speaker.  Several loudspeaker manufacturers are now producing such monstrosities while others are offering a separate module that rests on top of your existing front or rear speakers.  How does it sound?  Well, different for sure.  You hear more ambience at the expense of losing precise imaging of the companion speaker it sits on top of.  But hey, different sells and people want something new. Now manufacturers have a way of selling at least two more pairs of speakers to a consumer and the consumer has a way of adding these speakers without messing with the room decor or upsetting their spouse in the process.  Receiver companies are happy to produce newer and "better" AV receivers with more channels of amplification (though not increasing the power supply to handle the increased power demand) to oblige.  Everyone is happy.  The goal has been met.  But what happens when this great new technology becomes yesterday's news?  How can the manufacturers and their tech partners like Dolby and DTS figure out a way to add even more speakers?  We have the solution.  Best of all, it can be done with as little as one speaker!

 The Rotating Surround Speaker Concept Explained

Introducing the industry's first rotating surround speaker.  That's right!  We propose a loudspeaker with drivers on ALL six surfaces of the cabinet but we take it one step further.  Instead of placing the speaker on the floor or mounting it on a fixed stand, we propose a rotating and moving platform that showers the listeners with surround sound ALL around  you.  The speaker could start in the middle of the room and you can program a flight path of travel. Imagine a speaker that not only rotates and showers you with sounds in ALL directions, but actually moves around your seating area at the same time to ensure everyone is in the money seat (at least when the speaker is nearest to them) getting the most immersive surround experience possible.

Of course now we just need a technology partner like Dolby or DTS, or even Auro to come out with a codec compatible with such a device.  Perhaps as this technology evolves, consumers could add multiple rotating speakers to their theater room and even add laser lighting to provide an illumination experience commensurate with the sound.

What do you think?  Share your thoughts on our forum and let us know what features you'd like seen added to our new proposed rotating surround speaker solution.


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