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Pioneer Elite BDP-85FD and BDP-88FD Blu-ray Player Preview

Pioneer Elite BDP-88FD

Pioneer Elite BDP-88FD


  • Product Name: BDP-85FD; BDP-88FD
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer
  • Review Date: September 29, 2014 13:00
  • MSRP: $2000 (BDP-88FD); $1000 (BDP-85FD)
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
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File Playback Compatibility (Disc/USB/Network)


MP3 (.mp3)

WMA (.wma)

AAC (.m4a)


MPEG2 AAC (.aac)

WAV (.wav)

FLAC (.flac)


Monkey’s Audio (.ape)

DSD (.dff/.dsf)

AIFF (.aif/aiff)


ALAC (.m4a)




AVI (.avi)

WMV (.wmv)

DivX (.avi/.divx/.mkv)


MP4 (.mp4)

3GP (.3gp)

FLV (.flv)


JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg)

MPO (.mpo)

PNG (.png)


GIF (.gif)



Supports FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file system

Executive Overview

Pioneer Electronics Inc. at CEDIA 2014 launched the Elite BDP-85FD and flagship BDP-88FD Blu-ray players designed to be the ultimate reference players for today’s audio and video enthusiast.  The Elite models feature exceptional construction, high quality video upscaling, precise audio reproduction, and advanced network capabilities.  Both players set themselves apart from the competition in audio performance with their ability to redistribute processing power for audio only playback, shutting off all video circuitry when not in use.


Both Elite Blu-ray players reproduce exceptional video quality by utilizing Pioneer’s new advanced video engine consisting of the Precise Pixel Driver image processor and Pioneer’s new 4K Reference Converter that upscale existing disc-based or network content to Ultra HD 4K resolution (4K/60P/4:4:4/24-bit) providing the finest picture quality possible when used with a compatible display.  The upscaled video is output via HDMI 2.0 utilizing its full 18GBPS bandwidth.


Pioneer Elite BDP-88FD Rear Panel


To deliver reference quality audio, the BDP-85FD and BDP-88FD employ the ES9018 ESS SABRE reference DAC for the utmost audio quality output, capable of playing DVD Audio, SACD and the most popular high resolution audio files. The BDP-88FD takes things further by using all four of its integrated DACs in parallel to reduce noise and distortion.  Both players also feature a “Direct Function Circuit” for use in pure analog audio playback mode shutting off all video circuits and dedicating the processing power to the audio components.  The BDP-88FD provides noticeably increased audio performance with its use of a large capacity power supply transformer, independent quartz for 44.1 kHz/48 kHz playback, Hi-Bit and Hi-Sampling processing, and a DAC filter.


For convenience and plug-and-play capability right out of the box, both high-end players feature DLNA®, giving users the ability to quickly share audio and video content from a PC via the user’s home network.  Both models can also work as a DMP/DMR (Digital Media Player/Digital Media Renderer) to push content directly from a portable source such as a compatible smartphone or tablet.  The players were also designed to play high resolution music content from USB, disc, and hard drive devices.  In addition, both models offer YouTube “Send to TV,” making it extremely easy to watch YouTube videos using paired devices. 

bdp-85fd_front     bdp-85fd_rear

Pioneer Elite BDP-85 Front and Rear


To greatly reduce unwanted vibration, both Elite models utilize a double-layered chassis for low center of gravity as well as a highly rigid bonnet structure.  Increased performance also comes from the use of acoustic electric capacitors and high grade components.  In addition, the BDP-88FD employs a 3-chamber structure separating its power supply, digital processing circuitry, and audio circuitry.

Additional Features

The BDP-85FD and BDP-88FD feature a Zero Signal Terminal providing a reference ground for audio/video signals. When connected to a display or AVR, the ground potential between the two devices is minimized resulting in a more accurate signal transmission.  Both models are compatible with Pioneer’s new iControlAV5 App that enables most smartphones to act as a basic remote control for the player when connected via a wireless router.  The app is available for download at no charge from the App Store or the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iControlAV5 for Android smartphones is available on Google Play.

The Pioneer Elite BDP-85FD and BDP-88FD Blu-ray players will be available in December with suggested retail prices of $1,000 and $2,000 respectively. For more information, please visit www.pioneerelectronics.com.

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Brian H. posts on November 18, 2016 20:31
  1. Hi my name is Brian, I just joined and after reading the review on the pioneer bdp88fd, I'd like to add that it is an outstanding all around player. I play my DVD audios on it and the sound is so clean and detailed that I literally catch myself listening for far greater a time than I set out to do. I also use it for movies and sacd as well, with the same results. I recommend this player without reserve.
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