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2006 Electronics Holiday Gift Guide - Page 2


Gifts Over $500

Carada Criterion Projector Screen | Read the review
Price: $690 | Buy Direct from Carada
Carada-screen.jpg Know someone who is still projecting images on the wall? Carada provides well-made budget-priced screens that perform on par with the big boys. A 92" diagonal 1.78:1 (16x9 HDTV) screen with wall-mount and Brilliant White material costs less than $700 and will dramatically improve your picture and viewing experience. Want to save some money? Try the entry-level Precision Series which will come in at around $585 for the same size screen.

Yamaha RX-V659 Receiver | Read the Review
Price: $549 | Locate a Dealer
Yamaha-RX-V659.jpgStill using Dolby Pro Logic surround sound? It's time for an upgrade. If you know anyone who wants to update their home theater receiver - now is the time and this is the product. Yamaha's affordable RX-V659 puts out plenty of power (we measured more than rated) and adds convenience features like their Room EQ and Setup system, iPod and XM radio integration, and component video upconversion with an on-screen GUI display for setup and configuration. This is a modern receiver with all of the basic features you need to enter the 21st century.
Alternates: Denon AVR-887 ($699)

Denon S-101 Home Entertainment System | Read the Review
Price: $999 | Locate a Dealer
Denon-S-101-system.jpgYou want to have your cake and eat it to? Denon serves up their new HTIB solution which features a pair of 2-way speakers, an 8” powered subwoofer, integrated DVD player with progressive scan, MP3, and Dolby Digital Virtual Speaker decoding to transform your listening experience as close to 5.1 as possible with just two speakers. Its Graphical Help System and color coded cabling makes it the easiest setup for a HTIB system we have seen to date. Best of all you get all of the performance the paper wizzer cone Bose321 system doesn’t deliver for the same asking price and approximate footprint. I suppose you could say, it's the ultimate affordable HTIB system BOSE never made.

Optoma HD70 DLP Projector | Read the Review
Price: $999 | Get the Best Price Online
optoma-HD70.jpg The Optoma HD70 DLP projector is the world's first native 720p DLP projector with a retial price under $1000 - OK, it's just under, but at $999 this should be the hottest-selling projector of the year. In fact, to suggest that this projector might be a popular item going into the holiday season and throughout 2007 would be like saying that Reality television might be getting a bit stale. If you're looking for a BIG gift for this season, this would be the one that is remembered for years to come.

Diamond Case Designs TT-400 Home Theater Credenza | Read the Review
Price: $2299 | Buy it Direct from Diamond Case Designs
TT400-credenza.jpg The Theater-Tech TT-400 by Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is the perfect television credenza to organize your home theater. This unique entertainment center accommodates 40” to 70” TVs, multiple components, a center speaker, and CD/DVD collections. Convenience features include hidden wheels, removable back panels, internal wiring channels, and fully interchangeable shelves, drawers, and door panels. The TT-400 is part of Diamond Case Designs, Inc. full line of home theater furniture. For more information please visit www.diamondcase.com or call 800-616-5354.

StudioTech Ultra U-22T Plasma or LCD A/V Display Stand | Read the Review
Price: $1099 | Buy it Direct from StudioTech
StudioTech-U22T.jpg The 67" wide U-22T is the perfect complement for any wide-screen display up to 70". The precision engineering of these cabinets makes assembly smooth and the final product rock solid. When you are done you will find that nothing rattles and nothing shifts. StudioTech is one of the only manufacturers of budget-minded products that offer professional grade furniture, built to uncompromising standards, for the consumer market. The U-22T is one of the best built self-assembly home theater equipment stands available anywhere.

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