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Diamond Case Theater Tech TT-400 Credenza Review

by July 06, 2006
  • Product Name: Theater Tech TT-400 Credenza
  • Manufacturer: Diamond Case
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarhalf-star
  • Review Date: July 06, 2006 20:00
  • MSRP: $ 2299, As reviewed: approx $2850

  • Fully assembled with grooved and glued joints
    4 Museum quality finish colors:
    glazed maple, fruitwood, walnut, and cherry
  • Heavy-duty concealed steel casters
  • Removable back panels
  • Air chimney ventilation system
  • Offset black back panel
  • Internal wire management
  • Height-adjustable shelves: 1.25" increments
  • "Blacked Out"  interior
  • Easy-adjust metal/nylon levelers
  • Personalized Nameplate
  • Large screen TV capacity
  • Interchangeable door panels: wood, smoke glass, or grill cloth supported
  • Optional IR Repeater
  • Compatible with exclusive Diamond Case speakers (manufactured by RBH Sound)  
  • Infinitely-adjustable high-capacity media drawers
  • Expandable media storage
  • Factory-direct sales
  • Fully-insured shipments


  • Beautiful piece of actual furniture
  • Removable back makes accessing equipment easy
  • Includes casters for easy movability
  • Lots of options / configurations


  • Not priced or targeted for budget-minded consumers
  • Delivery requires semi-truck access or patience


Furniture. Sometimes it can make or break a home theater. As often as not, the one that is picking the equipment is not in charge or picking the furniture. This leads to some, shall we say, interesting combinations. We’ve all seen the pictures of holiday figurines on top of speakers. We’ve all cringed. We’ve all swore up and down that we would NEVER allow something like that to happen to our home theater. And then one day we come home from work and it looks like Christmas threw-up all over our listening room. And though you’ll never admit it, you bit your tongue and said, “Looks great honey. Now, that subwoofer I was telling you about…” So, what’s the solution? Most home theater “furniture” looks like it belongs in a dentist’s office or that was built in metal shop by high school students. Some of us like that “industrial” look, but when you are trying to convince your significant other that upgrading your perfectly good speakers for ones that look remarkably similar but cost three times as much… you need to make concessions. But that doesn’t mean that form and function are mutually exclusive.
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