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SVS Now in Magnolia Design Centers

by September 26, 2014
SVS Subwoofers to be sold in Magnolia Design Centers

SVS Subwoofers to be sold in Magnolia Design Centers

Back in February we interviewed SVS CEO Gary Yacoubian on the AV Rant Podcast. He stated that he was pushing to get SVS into more stores. We never would have imagined that he'd be so successful. Today, SVS announced their subwoofers will now be carried by Magnolia Design Centers.

Yes, the ones inside Best Buy.

First, note that not all Best Buys have Magnolia stores within them and not all Magnolia stores are "Design Centers." To find the Magnolia Design Center near you, consult this page.

We have some questions about how and why this will work. One of the common complaints by customer installer and high-end speaker dealers is that carrying SVS subs increases foot traffic but not sales. They end up with a lot of people coming to check out the SVS subs but end up buying online. According to the SVS/Magnolia announcement, the idea is that the increased foot traffic will lead to sales of other items. While SVS customers might not be interested in the wares of a custom installer, they very well might pick up an item at Best Buy during a sub demo so perhaps this could work. Traditionally in-store and online pricing for SVS subs are very close so, at the very least, people will have a way of checking out the size of and auditioning a SVS sub locally. Those with low self control or an undeniable need for bass will have a way to get their fix without having to wait for a unit to ship from SVS. All-in-all, this looks to be a great thing for SVS to increase their brand recognition and probably a great draw for Magnolia stores to access customers that usually buy online.

Check out the full press release below.

SVS Subwoofers Now in Magnolia Design Centers Inside Best Buy Nationwide

Girard, OH - September 23, 2014 - SVS, a worldwide leader in high performance home audio products, has been selected by Magnolia Design Center inside Best Buy to excite a passion for bass and subwoofers at retail stores nationwide.

For over 50 years, Magnolia has been dedicated to offering premium audio, video and home automation gear for connoisseurs who demand nothing but the best. In 2009 Magnolia opened its first Design Center located inside a Best Buy store. These Design Centers encapsulate everything the original Magnolia standalone stores could offer; the most premium brands, a greater depth in product categories, as well as professionally trained System Designers, Engineers and Installers. These Design Centers also provide the look and feel of being in a home rather than a store to provide a more realistic demo experience.

"Magnolia Design Center gives SVS unprecedented visibility in the marketplace alongside the industry's most well-respected and well-known brands," said Gary Yacoubian, president and CEO of SVS. "More importantly, Magnolia's knowledgeable staff knows how to sell high-performance audio and provide a memorable demo experience that gets people as excited about great sound as we are."

SVS products are sold internationally, both direct and at retail, depending on regional preferences. The company's hybrid go-to market approach and unilateral resale policy have proven to be a profitable model that helps raise the average selling price of audio products for dealers with real margins backed by expert service, when it's needed.

Yacoubian continued, "The phenomenal growth of both Magnolia Design Centers and SVS over the last few years proves there is a high performance audio resurgence underway and this collaboration represents a major milestone for our brand."

For more information, please visit www.svsound.com or like them on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information about Magnolia Design Centers, please visit www.magnoliaav.com.

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