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Sound Partnership: Synth-Maker Roland Buys Headphone-Maker V-MODA

by August 08, 2016

V-MODA headphones are difficult not to like. CEO and founder Val Kolton started the purpose of his headphone company is not just to create studio-quality headphones at affordable prices. But, he also wanted his brand to tap into an aesthetic that speaks to modern electronic music. V-MODA is well known community-responsiveness as Kolton himself frequents headphone enthusiast websites listening, commenting and most of all defining future direction after asking what fans really want in personal audio.

Audioholics has given high marks for quality and value in reviews of V-MODA Zn In-Ear Monitors and its M-100 full-sized headphones.

The formula works! V-MODA headphones receive praise from online communities while being a staple on the heads of artists like Paul Oakenfold and the Crystal Method. Today August 8, the day fans of electronica informally declared #808Day after the legendary Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, V-MODA has announced its partnership with Roland. Roland has purchased a 70% share of V-MODA, leaving 30% with Kolton who will remain as CEO after the merger. V-MODA says the brands will remain separate allowing V-MODA to maintain its reputation for what it does best – making personal-audio products.

“For more than a decade, we have vigorously crafted high-end personal audio products for modern audiophiles that reproduce music for a concert and club-like experience,” said Val Kolton, V-MODA CEO. “This partnership is not strictly a business deal; it’s a strategic synergy that will bridge the high-quality sound, materials and design of our products with the legendary genre-changing sound expertise and commitment to excellence from Roland. Roland’s 808, 909, the contribution to the development of MIDI protocol and countless products helped to lay the foundation and forge today’s music, and together we can carry on the tradition.” “V-MODA views our headphones as the icon where music, fashion and technology collide,” Kolton continued. “It is refreshing to join the Roland family to align our passions for music to accomplish a greater vision.”

The investment by a music industry giant like Roland is a significant endorsement for V-MODA. We look forward to seeing and hearing future products built from the union of the two companies.

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