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Sencore Audio & Video Training Course Details

by August 20, 2008


Sencore has unveiled details on their video training class >Register Here< that will take place during our Disney SOTU Trade Show Event this October.  This course is intended for home theater professionals and die-hard A/V buffs that want to maximize the performance of their systems through proper calibration techniques and methodologies.  Before throwing away $$$'s on new magic cables to allegedly put you in sonic nirvana, we highly recommend you make a small investment in proper calibration techniques and arm yourself with the right tools for the right job..

Here is a breakdown of their two day course:

  • October 22 Video Calibration - Video displays are the cornerstone of home theater systems. A properly installed and correctly calibrated display is critical to customer satisfaction. This class centers on video display calibration – what it is, why it is important, and how to accurately achieve it. This training discusses industry standards for accurate picture reproduction, video display signal interfaces and signal formats, and light and color reproduction on video displays. One-half day of theory and 1/2 day of hands-on training.
  • October 23 (1/2 day) RadianceXD Video Processor - Pristine on-screen images are the result of the absence of video artifacts. No artifacts = No complaints. Artifacts are anything that appears in the picture that shouldn't be there (wasn't in the original image). Now you can employ a real, effective solution to the problem — outboard video processing.
  • October 23 (1/2 day) Audio Processor/Parametric Equalization - Each home theater room where you watch movies or listen to music is different. Everything from room size and shape to window treatments and floor coverings can affect the audio quality of surround sound systems and music systems. The Sencore Digital Audio Processors (AP-100 and AP-101) simultaneously enhance two audio channels by smoothing the frequency response and tailoring the channel bandpass, compression, and delay.

Seats are limited and registration will fill up quickly. The first 30 people to register for this training will also receive FREE registration to the Audioholics SOTU Trade Show Event.

> Register for Sencore A/V Training <

> Register for the Audioholics SOTU Event <


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