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Audioholics SOTU Trade Show Event - What's it all about?

by July 27, 2008


It's more than just tons of FREE A/V gear to give away and two days of great eating.  The Audioholics State of the Union (SOTU) event (held Oct 23rd and 24th) is about bringing together consumers, industry professionals, and manufacturers into a common venue to discuss home theater equipment, showcase and demo the latest gear, and yes win lots of FREE prizes, eat great food, and have a ton of fun doing all of it.  Oh, and don't forget to enjoy the Disney theme parks right across the lake from our resort.

Demo Room Breakdown

  • Demo Room #1 Audyssey Labs
  • Demo Room#2 Yamaha EMPtek Loudspeakers
  • Demo Room #3 Marantz / Snell
  • Demo Room #4 Emotiva
  • Demo Room #5 Dolby / Pioneer
  • Demo Room #6 Epson

The show floor will have a variety of companies offering static displays and demos as well as giving away party swag and product samples.

At the same time, there will be a dedicated Educational room where industry experts will be giving presentational seminars on a variety of A/V related topics.

What do Consumers Get?

As a consumer, it’s your chance to meet the manufacturers face to face and get the scoop on new products or ask them tech stuff about the products you own. You rarely get an opportunity like this to meet face to face in such a personalized manner without having to plow through crowds of consumers, dealers and press in the process like so often is the case at larger trade shows such as CES.

In addition, you get a chance to win a $3600+ 5.1 home theater system! With tons of FREE party swag and door prizes, NOT a single attendee will walk away from this show empty handed.

What do Dealers Get?

As a dealer you get hands on experience with the latest gear you will soon be carrying in your storefront. You also get 2 days of FREE educational seminars (all attendees are welcome to this) from leading industry experts from such organizations as THX, DVI Gear, Sencore, and many others.

What do Manufacturers get?

As a manufacturer you get to hear your customer’s feedback on your equipment and also see their reaction as they check out your new gear for the very first time. You get to peek in on your competition to see what they’ve got up their sleeve. Most importantly you get tons of press on the industries largest review A/V magazine including editorial coverage, Podcasting on AV Rant and video interviews and showcase coverage.

An Event for Everyone

You will enjoy 6 state of the art demo rooms filled with some of the very best and latest gear the industry has to offer. Two days of breakfast and dinner at our semi formal ballroom costume party and home theater giveaway extravaganza. Again NOBODY attending our event will walk away empty handed. So what are you waiting for?


Event Date:  October 23rd & 24th at the Disney Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida.

For a limited time, we will waive the $75 registration FEE if you provide proof that you booked a room at the Dolphin Disney resort at our special discounted rate of $195 / night.

Click the link on Step 2 to book your room

Then fill out this Registration form and enter "FREE Registration Promo” along with your contact info.

Once you register, we will provide you a confirmation # so you can enter our 5.1 A/V Home Theater Giveaway.


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