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Nine Inch Nails Advances Online Music

by March 03, 2008

Nine Inch Nails, the band that made Industrial/Goth go pop is following Radiohead’s example in online music distribution. Based on announcements from other artists like Oasis and Jamiroquai - others are soon to follow.

You can decide between several order options to obtain Nine Inch Nails latest album. Ghosts I-IV an instrumental recording consisting of 36 songs. Among the digital download options is a freebee! Trent Reznor, leader of Nine Inch Nails, is giving away the first nine songs of the album in a free download package.

All songs are DRM free and when downloading the entire album you can choose from several formats including 320-bit MP3, FLAC or Apple lossless.

Other Ghost I-IV options:

  • $5 – Downloads Ghosts: I-IV in its entirety, all 36 tracks plus a 40 page PDF. 
  • $10 – Double CD package with a 40 page booklet. 
  • $75 – Deluxe edition includes slipcase with double CD set plus a data DVD with all tracks in multiple formats. Plus you can immediately download the album in the format of your choice. A Blu-ray of Ghosts I-IV will ship when available on May 1st. 
  • $300 – This is the Ultra-deluxe and consists of everything in the Deluxe package with a four LP set on 180 gram vinyl. Also includes two limited-edition Giclee autographed prints. The ultra deluxe package has a limited run of 2500.

Take my advice and don’t rush to the Ghosts I-IV website just yet. The site is experience lots of bandwidth issues trying to serve up files.

Digital freedom of choice trend?

Last October Radiohead announced it would release its latest album, In Rainbows via digital download. In an interesting twist was Radiohead didn’t set a price on the album download and only asked that fans pay for it what they think it’s worth. This direct-to-fan bypass of the labels and iTunes was unprecedented for a band of Radiohead’s popularity.

It could be a legitimate trend as many of these recording artists join the digital download freedom of choice bandwagon.

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Wayde Robson posts on March 04, 2008 08:43
I tried to buy ‘em for five but server was too bogged down. I’ll wait a few days.
gus6464 posts on March 04, 2008 00:29
$5 download only:
You have the option from choosing the following DRM-free formats
320kbps LAME encoded MP3
Apple Lossless

$10 2cds and download in the above format options

$75 Deluxe Edition - same as above with the following
DVD with all the songs in .wav so you can remix as you like
Blu-ray with the songs in 24-bit/96Khz audio

$300 Limited Edition - same as above with the following
4 180g LPs and more books and goodies

Plus you can also download the first 9 tracks for free from the NIN website or from many torrents such as piratebay (320kbps MP3 and Trent Reznor actually allowed the torrent sites to do this)


I've been trying to order the 2CDs but the site has been getting hammered since last night.
EJ1 posts on March 04, 2008 00:12
Trent Reznor was a member (and big advocate) of the torrent site, OiNK, so it comes as no surprise that NIN would be doing something like this.
zhimbo posts on March 03, 2008 23:32
Now, THIS is what I was waiting for. $5 for 2 CDs worth of CD-quality tracks. Right on! If this is the future of music, it can't come fast enough.
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