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Monster Cable Shifts Back Into Lawsuit Gear Against Monster Transmission

by April 08, 2009
Monster Transmission

Monster Transmission

Just when we thought we heard the last of Monster trademark litigations, they’ve defied all logic by attacking one of the last few American companies that actually manufacture their own products - Monster Transmission.

In these economic times, it is a struggle for everyone to keep afloat. Whether you work for a company, or own one. Monster Transmission, a Florida company that builds and sells transmissions for cars and trucks is the newest target of Monster Cable’s litigation team.

After a recent lawsuit with the Monster Mini Golf franchise and receiving tons of negative publicity, the owner of Monster Cable, Noel Lee decided to back off and re-think their Trademark strategy. This sounded like the end of Monster Cable’s bully type behavior, but behind the scenes it is apparently still business as usual with their legal department.

If anyone were to Google the phrase “Monster Cable sues”, you would find over 72,000 search results filled with stories about their terribly aggressive trademark tactics. “It is believed by many that the reason their products are so overpriced, is to pay for all their legal fees. I wonder how many tax payer dollars have been wasted over the years to fill the court system with their ridiculous law suits.” says Achilles Thomas of Monster Transmission.

Now their latest attack focuses against Monster Transmission, a family owned company that specializes in high performance transmissions for hot rods & muscle cars. They are one of the last few American companies that does NOT import, but actually re-manufactures its products right here in the good old U.S.A.! In contrast, most if not all Monster Cable products are imported from foreign countries such as China, which is definitely not a help to our economy or the working man.

After Monster Transmission refused to hand over their name, Monster Cable filed suit and the attorneys are now going to battle. Who knows how long this new case will be dragged out, and how many more will follow. After attacking Disney’s film “Monsters Inc.”, Monster.com, Monster Energy Drink, Timex, Monster Mini-Golf, Discovery Channel and countless others, one has to wonder when will it stop?

We believe the public and companies that deal with Monster Cable need to be aware of such behavior. Says Achilles. Possibly even a boycott of Monster Cable products would be appropriate. Monster Cable must be brought to justice, and we ask that you send this article to anyone and everyone you know.

I had a brief phone conversation with Achilles Thomas of Monster Transmission and asked him the following questions.

Have any of your customers ever associated your business with Monster Cable products?

Absolutely Not.

Were you aware of Monster’s litigious nature prior to being issued this lawsuit from them?

No, in fact, I had never heard of them before.

Have they offered you an amicable resolution outside of the courtroom?


Here are a few links to the history of Monster Cable’s bad litigious nature..






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