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IsoAcoustics Mobile App and Product Selector Now Available in 7 Languages

by January 27, 2024
IsoAcoustics Mobile App

IsoAcoustics Mobile App

Determined to improve audio performance and armed with their own patents, the folks at IsoAcoustics have been designing acoustic decoupling devices for Pro Audio, HiFi, and Live Sound components since 2012. I can tell you from personal experience that the company’s speaker stands, isolation feet, and isolation “pucks” are the real deal. That’s why you’ll find the company’s tech built into some of the best speakers around, like the Perlisten S7t Limited Edition and PSB Synchrony T800. But most audio gear doesn’t include great built-in isolation, and IsoAcoustics is mainly known for aftermarket products. The IsoAcoustics website has a useful Product Selector browser application, and earlier this year the company released a mobile app with the Product Selector Wizard built in. You select your existing audio products from a growing database of options, and the Product Selector Wizard tells you what IsoAcoustics gear is compatible and recommended for your setup. The ever-growing database launched with an impressive 3,000 models from various manufacturers, and currently has more than 5,000 models listed. Recently, IsoAcoustics has expanded the utility of this tool once again — this time adding not more models to the database, but more supported languages to reach a growing worldwide customer base.

 IsoAcoustics Mobile App

As IsoAcoustics will be quick to tell you, the potential improvements offered by acoustic isolation are  practically universal. But because the company has roots in Canada, its Product Selector and mobile app were only available in English until now — potentially limiting the global reach of IsoAcoustics products. As of the time of writing, IsoAcoustics has released an update adding support for six additional languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Korean. The company says that its motivation for this investment into its app came from the positive reception the app has received and from the increasing popularity of IsoAcoustics products around the world. To ensure accessibility for as many global users as possible, the translations are not restricted to the user interface — they cover the entire content of the app, including background information on products, technology explanations, and news updates about the company. IsoAcoustics says that both the mobile app and browser application automatically detect the default language of the device and select the appropriate language. (The web application also allows users to select a preferred language from a drop-down menu.)

As the IsoAcoustics product family has grown over the last decade, it has become potentially daunting to peruse the entire catalog and study the technical data in order to choose the ideal match for a particular piece of audio gear. The Product Selector makes that unnecessary, and it only takes a few seconds to find the information you need. If your particular piece of gear is not listed in the Product Selector, you can answer a few questions about the product (dimensions, weight, etc.) and the Wizard will make an appropriate recommendation.

 IsoAcoustics 900x450

Although the company makes separate product lines for the Pro and Home Audio markets, the underlying working principal is the same. These products mitigate the energy transfer between a speaker or device and its supporting surface in a controlled and directed manner. “These resonances cannot excite other surfaces to generate noise, and they cannot reflect back into the device to cause internal interference,” according to the company. “As a result, the playback becomes clearer, more transparent and accurate – acoustic isolation is the easiest way to considerably upgrade a good setup.”

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