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Denon Partners with Batman in Blu-ray Offer

by November 21, 2008

Every new blockbuster that arrives to Blu-ray brings talk of this being the big one that catapults Blu-ray into the mainstream. Batman: Dark Knight is probably going to burn the doors off any Blu-ray release before it. But is it enough to sell a high-end Denon Blu-ray player?

Holy Blu-ray sticker shock, Batman! Denon is going to try and ease the sticker shock on its pricey Blu-ray players with a special Batman offer. Customers who buy a Denon DVD-1800BD player, DVD-3800BDCI player or DVD-2500BTCI will get a double dose of Christopher Nolan’s Batman on Blu-ray to sweeten the deal.

No doubt these are very nice Blu-ra players, some accept no substitute for Denon’s high-end quality. But this offer will only appeal to the true blu-bloods among you. The least expensive player in Denon’s stable carries an MSRP of $749. Although you can find the DVD-1800BD for just under $600 on the street.

Purchase your new Denon disc player between November 23, 2008 and January 10, 2009, mail in your proof of purchase and your movies will come in the mail when they’re available. Batman: Dark Knight will hit DVD and Blu-ray on December 9.

It’s too bad that after buying a pricey Blu-ray player you’ll have to wait for such an important Blu-ray release to arrive in the mail. Remember those buy-a-player-get-five-discs-in-the-mail deals offered by both sides of the hi-def format war - it took months to see your discs!

I don’t think I could risk waiting so long to see Batman: Dark Knight on my brand new Denon Blu-ray player.

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